Not Taking Things at Face Value: 10 Closely Guarded Secrets of the Beauty Industry

Not Taking Things at Face Value: 10 Closely Guarded Secrets of the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry brings in billions of dollars every year. There is a product for every problem a man or woman could encounter today, or so it seems. However, are all of these products truly needed? Many people will be surprised to find they can reduce their use of certain products and eliminate others completely as they aren’t being told the truth by this industry. The following are some examples of how people spend more than they must on beauty and skincare products.

Know Your Skin Type

A person needs to take into account his or her skin type when choosing products. For example, a person with oily skin should not use a product designed for dry skin as this can make their skin worse instead of better. Furthermore, there are multiple skin types that can lead to more confusion on the part of the consumer. Learn more about your skin type and which products work best on it. When you make the switch to the right products, you’ll find your skin looks and feels better in very little time. Learn more by going to now.

Cellulite Creams Don’t Provide Long-Term Results

Seventy percent of women have cellulite, and that helps to explain why creams promising to get rid of the dimply skin are so popular. However, what these creams do is temporarily firm the skin so it appears smoother. A woman must use it regularly to obtain the desired results, and those results may not even last until the next application. The only way to eliminate cellulite is to build muscle and get rid of the extra fat. Sorry ladies, but that’s simply the way it is.

More SPF is Needed

Numerous skincare products now state they have ingredients to protect the user from the sun. As a result, many people don’t put on any additional sunscreen. Sadly, they are only applying the sunscreen to their face and leaving the rest of the body exposed. Make certain every inch of skin that is exposed has sunscreen to prevent sunburn today and health issues in the future. Take into account your skin tone when selecting a sunscreen to get the level of protection you need.

Applicators Are Important

To get the most from a beauty product, the individual must apply it correctly, and this often involves the use of a brush or another tool designed for that specific purpose. Don’t waste money on cheap brushes. This is one area where you should invest in good items to get the best results. When you see the difference the right tools make, you may find you can choose less-expensive products and still get amazing results.

Nail Polish Contains Toxins

A mani-pedi is very relaxing, or so many women claim. However, when a person chooses to polish their nails, they have a 50 percent chance of absorbing triphenyl phosphate, a chemical, into their bodies. This chemical is found in approximately half of all polishes on the market today, and that number may actually be higher. Are polished nails truly worth your health?

Don’t Ditch the Mascara

It’s frustrating to go put some mascara on only to find the product has dried up in the tube. Manufacturers would lead you to believe this means you need to run out and purchase more. However, by adding a few drops of saline water to the tube you may get a few more applications out of the product before it must be replaced. This can save you money and ensure you look your best even when you are almost out of your favorite mascara.

Benzoyl Peroxide Can Make Acne Worse

Products that contain benzoyl peroxide may cause more pimples to appear by drying out the skin and encouraging the production of more sebum as a result. Skincare products that contain alcohol act in a similar manner. If you are fighting breakouts, the best way to do so is to choose a product that contains either lactic or salicylic acid. Another option is to make use of a cleansing mask that incorporates clay when your face is prone to acne.

Care for the Neck as well as the Face

People often forget to use skincare products on their necks and regret this mistake later in life. They find their face looks youthful but this part of the body gives their age away. The same is true of their hands. Make certain to care for these areas that are frequently exposed to the sun even in cold weather. Those who do so find they are able to maintain their youthful appearance for longer. The neck is especially important, as the skin is very thin in this area of the body.

Always Remove Makeup at Night

A night on the town with friends can leave you exhausted. However, take the time to remove your makeup before going to bed. Doing so helps to prevent inflammation and irritation. Furthermore, experts used to say wearing your makeup to bed one night would age your skin seven days. Although this statement may not be true, do you truly want to risk finding out? It’s easy to remove makeup if you purchase some wipes designed for this purpose, so there is no excuse for ignoring this essential task.

More Harm Than Good

Some skincare products on the market today contain ingredients that have been proven to cause cancer. For example, one-fifth of all cosmetics available today have formaldehyde in them. This organic compound occurs naturally and has been shown to bring about nasal cancer in rats. Although studies have yet to show the same is true when it comes to humans, why take the chance? Short-term use can lead to symptoms such as coughing, burning in your nose and throat, watery eyes, and more. It’s best to try to avoid products that contain this substance if possible.

Do your research. Individuals who read up on beauty secrets that aren’t common knowledge find they spend less on skincare products and often look better for doing so. It’s worth the time and effort you will put into this task to find out if you have similar results.

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