Miley Cyrus’s most recent ‘Bangerz’ tour controversy has seen the popstar spit water on her fans.

The incident came about as the ‘We Can’t Stop’ singer was performing a concert in Tampa on Thursday (March 20).

Cyrus was captured on video asking fans in various sections of the arena how they were enjoying the show, before taking a swig of water and spitting it on people in the front row.

The gesture was met with rapturous applause from the fans in attendance. Cyrus then went on to continue the show.

A tongue slide used on the ‘Bangerz’ tour has already sparked a lawsuit over a crew member claiming to have been injured while constructing the massive prop.


Scarlett Johansson defends her nude scenes in the upcoming film, Under the Skin.

The actress has gone ahead and defended her decision to go in for full frontal nudity in the film Under the Skin.  The stills of the film, though hazy, have been released as a viral online marketing stint to promote this low budget sci-fi movie which is an adaptation of a Michael Faber novel.

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