Navy Veterans Still At Risk Decades After Service

Navy Veterans Still At Risk Decades After Service

Our military veterans are considered to be some of the bravest men and women in our country. For many veterans, though, their sacrifices do not end once their tour of duty is over. For many U.S. veterans, the dangers they face can continue years and even decades after they leave active duty service.  

Continued Risk for Veterans 

These dangers have been especially significant for Navy veterans who spent time on Navy ships or submarines and in Navy shipyards. For these individuals, they continue to risk their lives even well into retirement because of the exposure they suffered to asbestos while serving their country.  

Asbestos, which was present in many Navy ships, submarines, and shipyards, is a prime contributor to Mesothelioma, a serious form of cancer, which primarily affects the lungs. Because of their long term exposure to asbestos, in tight, confined spaces such as Navy ships, Navy veterans are at high risk for developing this type of cancer.  

Help is Available  

Many Navy Vets, who have already been diagnosed with Mesothelioma are not aware that the risks of developing cancer because of asbestos exposure are so great that most victims can access class-action suits on their behalf. It is important that Navy Veterans who were exposed to asbestos seek out the legal help they need in order to get the assistance and compensation they deserve.  

Don’t Wait to Seek Help  

In the wake of COVID-19, many aging Navy Veterans suffering from Mesothelioma hesitate to seek legal help. They do not wish to be exposed to COVID-19 because they are very high risk. If you have a friend or family member who is hesitating to seek legal or even medical help because of COVID-19 concerns, the Mesothelioma Justice Network can help.  

You can seek out the medical or legal help you need and stay safe during the pandemic. The CDC has established guidelines to help you navigate necessary tasks like visiting the doctor during the pandemic. In most cases, you can safely make medical or legal visits by following simple pre-cautions such as wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, and sanitizing your hands often.  

If you are a Navy Veteran diagnosed with Mesothelioma, your cancer could have been caused by asbestos exposure during your time of service. You have made brave sacrifices for your country. You deserve to have someone advocate for you to ensure that those sacrifices do not go unseen. 

Abigail Kent
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