Nature Republic Holy Grail Products for Dry Skin

Nature Republic Holy Grail Products for Dry Skin

There are many factors that contribute to dry skin and there’s a good chance that it’s not even your fault. Winter season is fast approaching which means it’s going to be dry skin and chapped lips season.

Don’t worry, we won’t let you experience that this time! Although if you’re ever experiencing it already, it’s never too late to treat and prevent it from happening again. 

Korean beauty is known for its young-looking and highly-moisturized skin but achieving it is not as easy as ABC. If you already have your own skincare routine or even if you’re just starting, we highly suggest you consider Korean skin care as your primary skincare regime.   

If you do your own research, don’t be intimidated by the number of steps you will see. It may seem excessive but it doesn’t mean that you should follow it strictly.

There’s no one-routine-fits-all when it comes to skincare, you pick what you think your skin needs and continue to add more in the long run. 

Here is a list of products from a popular K-beauty brand, Nature Republic, that may hold the key to your dry skin problem. 

Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Emulsion 

Emulsions are one of the most used Korean skincare products. It is formulated to be lighter and thinner than moisturizers. For most people who hate the sticky and heavy feeling moisturizers give, we highly recommend you to check out emulsions.   

This emulsion contains aloe vera which is known as a natural moisturizer. With the use of this product, it will transform dull and dry skin to smooth and highly moisturized skin in no time! Also, the aloe vera plant itself is still used by many up until today because of the benefits it offers.  

Shea Butter Steam Cream  

Steam cream may sound strange for those who haven’t tried it yet but once you do, you might never go back. Its consistency is thick, as in thicc, but it doesn’t give an unpleasant feeling. It also provides a “steamy” feeling once applied, of course, it’s a steam cream. It guarantees a 48hrs effect on the skin making it worth every penny you spent. 

It has three variations: Moist for normal skin, Fresh for oily and combination skin, and Ultra for very dry skin. Shea butter level varies according to skin type. 

Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera Soothing Gel 

This might not be new for most but if you’re not one of most, let us introduce you to Nature Republic’s best-selling product. This soothing gel took over the world with its extreme moisturizing properties as it contains 92% aloe vera extract that provides a soothing and hydrating effect on your skin. 

It can also be applied to different parts of your body without leaving a sticky feeling. Instant absorption and intense hydration. According to the clinical trials, with continuous use, skin moisture improvement may happen. 

Real Nature Hydrogel Mask 

Sheet masks are the most convenient product you may use in skincare. Not only that it feels good but it also provides great benefits for your skin. If you suffer from dry skin, sheet masks can improve your skin condition greatly as most sheet masks are highly moisturizing. This sheet mask is available in 10 different types with different uses. From moisturizing, soothing, or anti-aging, they’ve got it all!  

Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Toner 

Yesterday’s toners are considered drying and gives a burning sensation to the skin but today’s toners are very different. Toners may also vary on what the skin needs but one thing is for sure, it improves moisture retention of the skin.  

This toner is also infused with aloe vera extract making it great for people with dry and sensitive skin. It soothes and hydrates at the same time while balancing the skin’s pH level after cleansing. 

On a final note, 

Dry skin is a normal issue many people deal with but it’s not something to be ashamed of. With advanced technology, everything is almost possible to deal with nowadays. Using the right products for your skin faithfully may do wonders. Just always buy from trusted sellers especially if you’re buying from a well-known brand like Nature Republic as their products are easily tampered with and imitated.  

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