Muay Thai Camp for Boxing in Thailand and Its Significance on the Health

Muay Thai Camp for Boxing in Thailand and Its Significance on the Health

I once met a female Muay Thai trainee and in our conversation, I was blown away by the level of fitness, mental health, and alertness the woman displayed. At the end of this conversation, I was convinced to visit various Muay Thai training camps and islands in Thailand; where I was astounded by what I learned, and will share here. 

Muay Thai or Thai boxing has become more than a national art in Thailand and has gone to be ingrained into the routine of citizens. The sport of the “eight limbs” started as a form of martial art, then as a sport, and now plays a vital role in the health and fitness of the partakers especially in Thailand. 

How Muay Thai Boxing improves the health of the people 

Just like the popular saying… 

 “You can’t wish yourself into a character; you must hammer and mold yourself into one.”    

So also, if you desire health and fitness, you have to apply the ‘hammer’ of a Muay Thai training.  

A proper exercise for the heart 

Our heart performs its operation in the body non-stop and is mostly subjected to work ‘over-load’. The activities involved in Muay Thai boxing training are both aerobic and anaerobic, which offers a good work-out for the heart. It helps the heart to keep up with more loads and improves its condition.     

Aids weight-loss and burning of calories 

Excessive fat in the body is bad for the body system and the organs. Getting rid of fat in the body normally involves hard and complicated routines. But Muay Thai camp training offers you a fun and exciting means of losing excess fats and burning calories better. 

A good practice for psychological stability 

Overall wellness includes both physical and mental stability. Most therapists recommend a physically exerting routine as a path to mental stability; sporting activities takes your mind of stress and anxieties, as you worry only about the training at hand. 

Improves mental alertness 

Oh!! You are about to receive a blow to the face, what do you do? 

 This consistent split-second decisions you make at points like this improves the brain-response speed over time. This further leads to better limb coordination and prevents other limitations that come with aging.  

Stronger bones and muscular strength 

A collision with a Muay Thai trainee could earn you a visit to our chiropractor. The blows, blocks, and counter-strikes your body is subjected to during training, helps to strengthen your bones. Also, the constant stretching of your muscles improves muscle- toughness. 

Muay Thai and the people of Thai 

In Thailand, Muay Thai is not only a physical sport, but it is also in every bit spiritual; the shorts, armbands, and sports equipment all have spiritual significances and psychological effects on the fighters. 

 Contests and competitions are organized for Thai fighters each year, and this has greatly improved the health consciousness and general fitness of the Thai people.  A good Muay Thai boxing camp is and you can train with Thai fighters. 

Concluding thoughts 

Although passed from ancient customs and practices difficult to trace, the people of Thailand have not failed to preserve the combat-sport through numerous fitness camps and islands scattered around the country. The average Thai woman/man is of excellent health and fitness because the Thai people take great pride in the practice of Muay Thai. 

Christie Lewis
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