Moving to US? 10 Must-Knows to Help You Get Settled

Moving to US? 10 Must-Knows to Help You Get Settled

Moving to a foreign country is definitely a big step. Moving to the United States in particular can be quite a hassle since there is so much you need to take into consideration. Starting from something as basic as buying your plane tickets to the nitty-gritty like choosing a loan plan, everything needs to be analysed and plans need to be formulated accordingly.

Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of necessities that you must take into account when moving to the States. We understand you might be actively searching for suggestions, so without further ado, let us begin!

1. Set up a bank account

You might have already done this, but based on its significance, let us review it briefly. It is extremely important you set up a new bank account of your own when you move to the States. If you are currently dependent on a relative’s account or a reference account, now is the time to get an account of your own. This applies to all the family members especially those who are of age. Having an account in the local vicinity you are moving to helps you resolve a number of matters and take care of a number of expenses pre-emptively. 

2. Register for related taxes

Taxes are the primary thing that keep the economy stable within a country.  When you move to the States, you will also encounter a number of residential taxes. Taking care of these and registering your taxation number should be of priority to avoid any contingencies. In the modern day, registering for taxes also allows you to benefit from a number of concessions and subsidies. Visiting a financial consultant in your new vicinity wouldn’t be a bad call as they can easily guide you through the process. 

3. Obtain a loan

If you are a student and have applied for a student loan, it is important you get your things in order and have a thorough understanding of your taxation terms. Similarly if you are moving as a family and have applied for a loan let’s say for a business for instance, you need to have a clear understanding of the terms and conditions. Generally, the smaller the installation period, the lesser the interest you have to pay. The lenders usually require collateral in order to safeguard their interests so make sure you fulfil certain criteria before you come to expect a loan. Bank of America, LendingPoint and Earnest are but a few options through which you can apply for loans. 

4. Set up your utilities

One of the primary aspects that needs to be covered while moving abroad is setting up your utilities in a timely manner. Cable, internet and phone are among the primary utilities you will need to apply for in order to jumpstart your new life. A good practice is to go through your Local Cable Deals to find a suitable package for your household. You can also get a hold of bundled offers which generally come at concessional rates. There are certain household utilities as well such as tapestry, towels, kitchen utensils etc. which if taken care of pre-emptively, can help you start your new life in a more convenient manner. 

5. Organizing the new place

The next thing on your list should be to organize your new place. These movers in Ventura County can help you to find the perfect home in California. Get the proper address and P.O. Box number and use it in your identifiable information for convenience. Your relatives and friends will be able to use this address to communicate with you (either in person or send stuff over). Set up the space according to how the household typically functions; essentially in line with the pattern of day- to-day living followed by the family members. Since you are just moving in, you can readily manage a number of things based on proper labelling and now would be the perfect time to take care of things which you consider were mishandled during a previous experience of similar vein. Remember to keep different bins based on the nature of the junk; organic waste and plastic waste is usually thrown into different bins, to give you an idea. 

6. Contacting recruitment agents

The next important thing you need when you move to the States is a job (if you don’t already have one). The most practical way here is to let the local recruitment agents know of your physical availability in the States. They will charge you a fee but their services can be invaluable especially since you might need a stable income to settle into your new life. You can also go through various job portals like LinkedIn, Monster and SimplyHired to aid you in this quest. Decent references can be priceless in this regard and if you can bring in a few good references from your previous jobs and contacts, they will make the entire process much more seamless for you. 

7. Getting accustomed with transport systems

Yes, you need to move around town to get accustomed with the surroundings. Not only that, whether you are alone, or with family, everybody needs to go somewhere. Children go to school while adults go to offices and these are just the basics. You need to be aware of the local transport systems around you especially if you don’t have a personal car on hand. You can acquire a car as well, provided you have an authorized driver’s license to run the vehicle. Transit trains can be very useful in this regard and certain cities like Seattle, Denver and San Jose are renowned for their excellent public transport facilities. 

8. Medicinal prescriptions

A major issue people face when moving abroad is related to medicinal prescriptions. While some medicines might be available in your country over the counter, the same conditions wouldn’t necessarily apply in the States. Hence getting proper prescriptions for your routine medicines is extremely important if you wish to avoid any contingencies. The best practice here is to get authorized prescriptions made in the place of origin. You need to be aware of the purpose various medicines serve and able to justify why you need them. Once you get your prescriptions confirmed from a doctor in the States, the process becomes quite simple. 

9. Keep the weather patterns in mind

Last but not least, you need to be aware of the weather patterns in the area you are moving to. In Florida for instance temperature tends to rise and packing accordingly will help you manage and save your resources. Moving to Hawaii on the other hand would require you to pack a lot of rain resistant clothes and a ‘rain accepting’ mentality for that matter. Act pre-emptively and be prepared, conduct thorough background research, and surely you won’t have any disappointing surprises coming your way. 

10. Downsizing is the way to go

Whenever you move to a new place, the most practical approach is to downsize to free up space. You might have an idea what the new place looks like but only when you actually move somewhere do you understand the actual dimensions. Get rid of unwanted stuff or things which can be easily replaced at minimal costs. For instance, if you have an outdoor decoration you love but it is too big to be moved easily, you should try looking for a substitute to quench that desire. As discussed previously, observe the weather patterns and get rid of clothes which will be practically useless in your new life.

Keeping all these factors in mind will surely make your shift smooth and comfortable. Remember these are just a few aspects of relocating to the United States and once you actually move, you are bound to encounter unexpected circumstances. We hope whatever the nature of your circumstance, everything flows in your favour. 

Rohit Raina
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