Monsoon Mess: 5 Fashion Mistakes Men Must Avoid

Monsoon Mess: 5 Fashion Mistakes Men Must Avoid

The bloom, the greenery and the alluring beauty of nature is already knocking at the door. The monsoon has arrived indeed.

But all in life isn’t as picture perfect as you’d like. With rains, the risk of staining your clothes as gone up. Yup, life isn’t perfect, but the fashion quotient can be. This is a basic in today’s age when fashion takes the front seat in every aspect of life.

With rainy season upon us, you surely get a break from the blistering heat, but not from the fact that you need to look your best. So, for all the fashion crusaders out there, listed below are some of the styling mistakes that men mostly make during the rainy season. Gear yourself with the blunders and stay stylish throughout the season.

“Denims are always in”

The rugged style of blue jeans is never going out of fashion. But just for the rainy season, it is advisable to keep a distance from denim. The reason being, if you get wet, which is sure to happen, you’ll have to stay in the drenched pants for ages. The jeans take ages to dry. So, the trousers made up of fast-drying fabrics are better options for the season. Moreover, the thick fabric of jeans cannot be folded to avoid the stain of mud. So, go for the dark-colored trousers or chinos and steer clear from the fashion mistake of the rainy season.

“White is masculine”

No color speaks style and sophistication more than white. But the scenario is different for the rainy season and for good reason. The crisp white shirt can add a gentlemanly flair to your personality. At the same time, the elegant shade is more prone to the nasty stains. Aid your masculinity by doing yourself this favor. Keep the white clothes in the closet and take advantage of the grey season. Pop out some color from your collection and stand out in style. However, in the process of making an edgy appearance do not go over-the-board. Just choose the shades that suit you and make your own fashion statement.

“Let my feet breathe in flip-flops”

How many of you advocate wearing flip-flops during the monsoon? You need to reconsider. It may appear to be a perfect piece for sunbathing and lounging at the sea shore, but it’s a bad idea. The slipper gets stuck in the mud and then lifts off the ground while walking. This leads to dollops of the mud spotting in your legs and pants. So, go for sandals and gumboots, if you don’t wanna raise eyebrows with your muddy trousers

“Leather forever”

While the options in casual wear are ample, the formal occasion has limited choices. This is the reason why men are not left with any other option than the leather shoes. Leather tends to stain, shrink and crack after getting wet. So, it is advisable to go for the shoes with rubber sole. The shoes of Gucci, especially the loafers are perfect for both the formals and casual events during this season.

“Stay dapper with hair gel”

Hair gel is undoubtedly a staple for most of the fashion oriented laborers around. In fact, gel to few men as eyeliner is to most of the ladies. However, the hair gel may be handy in styling your hair, but at the same time, they make the hair greasy. The humid weather of monsoon adds to the trouble. The dirt may stick to the scalp leading to hair fall and even worse dandruff. The dandruff is one of an inevitable problem of the season. So, restrain yourself from applying gel on your hair during monsoon. Just massage the scalp with hair oil an hour before shampooing and your hairdo will turn heads.

Are you guilty of any such monsoon fashion messes? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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