Millennials starting to look for unusual wedding venues that better reflect their personalities

Millennials starting to look for unusual wedding venues that better reflect their personalities

With the new generation being quirkier and more creative than ever, it’s no surprise that they are breaking out of the mold and opting for unusual wedding venues.

While tradition would have you in a church, many millennials these days are letting their creative colors fly but thinking outside of the conventional stone setting.

Let’s see what all the fuss is about and check out some of the more unusual wedding venues that are capturing the attention of millennials everywhere.

1.     Public Library

Unusual wedding venues

If you’ve been a bookworm for as long as you can remember, what better way to say ‘I do’ to your significant other than surrounded by books?

Some public libraries these days, like the New York Public Library, are capturing the imagination of millennials for more than being a museum for books – in fact, the NYPL is now also known as a wedding venue.

Of course, getting married in a public library is going to take permission, as well as careful planning of the ceremony and reception. However, there’s no reason why you can’t make this happen – although your guests may have to be quieter than usual.

2.     The Golden Gate Bridge

Maybe you’re from the Bay and your better half even got down on one knee with that gorgeous diamond engagement ring in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

While it’s the perfect setting for a proposal, who’s to say you can’t get married here as well? Imagine saying your vows as your wedding party watches the sunset over the San Francisco Bay. We’re struggling to come up with anything more romantic than this.

3.     A Tree House

Growing up, if you had a treehouse in your backyard, you might have spent many summers up there planning your dream wedding with your friends. What you may not have planned, though, is to actually get married where you spent so many of your summers.

While any old treehouse may do, there’s actually an official model located in Scotland that is a wedding venue all year round. It’s called The Lodge, and it’s a five-star retreat where you can take the next step with your partner.

If you’re looking for an intimate setting for your wedding that takes you back to your childhood, then you may want to check out The Lodge.

4.     The Underground Cavern

The UK seems to be home to quite a few quirky wedding venues that millennials have taken to like a horse to water. The Underground Cavern located in Somerset is both a beautiful and quiet mysterious place to exchange vows.

They even light the chambers with candles. Like the treehouse in Scotland, this unusual wedding venue is better suited to intimate weddings, so if you’re just planning on inviting family and a few friends, this could be where you say ‘I do.’

5.     Zoo

While most zoos may turn you down when you ask if they double as a wedding venue, there’s one located in Scotland that will open its doors instead.

The Edinburgh Zoo offers magnificent views of zoo life and nature as well as a free visit to the zoo for guests who attend. If you’re a lover of animals and couldn’t imagine your wedding without them, then this could be the wedding venue for you.

More millennials are opting for unusual wedding venues, as they throw out convention and let their imaginations run wild. Whether it’s admiring the sunset while standing in front of the Golden Gate bridge or getting mysterious in an underground cavern, there are plenty of options out there so that you can really get creative with your upcoming wedding.

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