Micellar Water: The Millennial Skincare Solution

Micellar Water: The Millennial Skincare Solution

Every once in a while, the skincare industry comes out with a truly game-changing product. Micellar water is one of those products. 

Micellar water was invented in France decades ago as a solution to hard water. It’s only recently over the past few years, however, that the no-rinse cleansing product made of purified water and micelles has gained momentum in the retail space.

Micellar water is a universal product that can be used by anyone, but millennials particularly love how it suits their unique needs. The product is perfect for those with changing schedules and sensitive skin.

If you are interested in trying out micellar water, click here to learn where you can find the product and learn about what it can do for you. If you are not familiar with micellar water, consider not only it’s general benefits — but the specific ways it can suit your lifestyle as a budget-conscious young person on the go:

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It Saves Time

Micellar water is easy to use — it’s not one of those cleansing products that involve many different steps. You just put some of the solution on a cotton pad and then wipe it across your face to remove any dirt or makeup.

It’s worth mentioning that, unlike other cleansers, micellar water doesn’t need to be “washed off” —which removes an entire step in your routine!

It Wears Many Hats

When you’re busy and on a budget, you want to invest in products that can do different things all at once. Micellar water serves many purposes; it can remove your eye makeup and also tone and clarify your skin at the same time.

It’s Cost-Effective 

Let’s be honest; young people don’t necessarily have the funds to invest in a top-dollar product. At least, not without sacrificing other things like rent. 

Fortunately, micellar water — mostly due to its simple ingredients — is actually a cost-effective skincare solution. In fact, it is a far more affordable cleansing option than other formulas on the market.

It’s Great for Acne 

When you begin to understand your changing skin, it can be hard to find a product that won’t irritate your complexion or result in an allergic reaction. Fortunately, micellar water is great for all skin types — including those who are acne prone.

Acne and skin irritation in general are things that so many young people struggle with —  and micellar water is a great cost-effective way to reduce your risk of breakouts

The product is also a lot more gentle than other abrasive cleansers that can be irritating to your skin. This is largely because, while other cleansers contain alcohols that strip and dry out your skin, micellar water contains micelles that hydrate and clarify your skin. It’s this hydration that can reduce your skin’s oil production and prevent breakouts.

It Has Natural & Effective Ingredients

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The ingredients in micellar water are micelles (small oil molecules that cleanse your skin) and soft water — that’s it. It has no trace of the drying and irritating harsh chemicals like parabens and alcohols that are commonly found in beauty products. 

The micelles attract the dirt and oil on your skin, which cleanses your complexion and leaves you feeling refreshed. It’s that easy!

Christie Lewis
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