Men’s Style Guide: Tips For How To Dress For Your Summer Holiday

Men’s Style Guide: Tips For How To Dress For Your Summer Holiday

Summer is right around the corner and you may be just weeks away from your summer holiday! If your suitcase is already sitting empty in your bedroom, awaiting the day you can dust off your beach towel and swim shorts, you’re probably already planning what you need to pack. This might even mean a trip to the shops to get yourself this season’s latest trends.

If you’re preparing for your holiday, we’ve got all the style tips you need to look great all summer. So whether you’re going abroad or making the most of the British sun while it’s there, here’s’s guide in collaboration with us as a lifestyle and fashion blog on how to dress for your summer holiday.

Men's summer fashion tips and style guide

Colours and patterns

This season has something for everyone when it comes to finding the perfect pattern or print. Below, we’ll look at the biggest trends for this summer.

1. Flora and fauna

Women's summer look
The girl is waiting in her summer look

In terms of colours, it’s very natural tones this summer, with sage and dusky pink being the two biggest colours of choice. From chinos and shirts to crew neck jumpers, these soft and subtle tones are perfect for the warmer months.

2. Hawaiian prints  

You might feel like you tread a very fine line between satyrical and stylish when it comes to Hawaiian print shirts, but this season you can safely throw on your florals and go out with confidence. These are perfect for your summer holiday as they are bright and breezy, so if you don’t have one already, it’s time to get shopping!

3. Striped tees

Nautical stripes are basically a summer institution and this year is no different! You don’t have to stick to the navy, white colour scheme, but striped cotton T-shirts are going to be your summer go-to, especially on those hotter days.  

4. Tye die is back

Men's summer fashion tips and style guide

Here comes the 90s nostalgia – tie dye is back and we couldn’t be happier about it. Alongside the bold floral prints of Hawaii, tie dye is going to be the pattern of choice this summer, whether that’s cool T-shirts, backpacks, beach towels or shorts.  

5. Boho chic

Men's summer fashion tips and style guide

The sunshine and hippy dreams don’t stop with tie dye either. The use of oversized, loose, multi-national materials makes for the perfect boho look. So why not channel your inner beach bum this summer holiday.

Shorts and shirts

No summer wardrobe (or suitcase) would be complete without shorts and a nice shirt now would they? So in this next section we’ll look at this season’s best trends for keeping it cool and tanning those legs!

6. Chop your chinos

Men's summer fashion tips and style guide

Nothing says casual but stylish like a pair of chino shorts, so it could be time to invest. Choose light tones and turn up the bottoms for an even cooler look. You can even pair them with a cool Bruce Lee t-shirt if you’re having a day out with friends.

7. Make them denim

Some men are wary of denim shorts, after all, you don’t want a Daisy Duke look on your hands! But this season there will be plenty of denim options to choose from, so you’ll be able to find the perfect on-trend pair to suit your style.

8. Keep it casual

Men's summer fashion tips and style guide

As the athleisure trend continues to grow, you can’t go wrong with a pair of slouch shorts. You’ll look athletic and ready for anything in a pair of cut-off joggers or sport shorts.

9. Shorts should be short

Men's summer fashion tips and style guide

And no matter what style you choose this season, it’s all about short shorts. So keep it short and show off those legs while boosting your tan.

10. Cool off with linen

Alongside Hawaiian print shirts, linen is going to be the shirt of choice. Perfect for keeping you cool during the day and looking sophisticated at night, pair this with chinos and flip flops for a truly summery look.

Jackets and jeans

Men's summer fashion tips and style guide

We love the sun, but we know that when it goes down things can get a little chilly. This section will look at the perfect jeans and jackets to keep you warm in the evenings.

11. Classic chinos

Chinos have become a staple for almost every man’s wardrobe – and with good reason! You can dress them up or down for an effortlessly sophisticated look.

12. Put the dark colours away

Summer is not a time for dark tones, so put your navy jeans away until the winter. Instead, choose lighter hues and light-wash jeans for chillier days or evenings.

13. Bombing about

Bomber jackets are one of this season’s biggest trends. They’re lightweight, making them perfect for the warmer months! Why not choose one in sage for the ultimate on-trend summer look.

14. Back to denim

Men's summer fashion tips and style guide

Denim jackets are the ultimate summer accessory. The light colour gives you a relaxed and stylish look, but they’re perfect for fending off those chilly evenings.

Summer accessories

Finally, no summer holiday is complete without the perfect accessories, from shades to sandals, here’s everything you need this season.

15. Take a hike

Men's summer fashion tips and style guide

It’s time to put your Havanas away, because this summer is all about hiking sandals. Practical and stylish you can spend your day exploring – that is if you get bored of sitting poolside!

16. Bring your boat shoes

All aboard! Another nautical trend that emerges in the summer is deck/boat shoes. These are perfect for more formal occasions or if you fancy dressing it up a bit, but they’ll still keep your feet nice and cool!

Men's summer fashion tips and style guide

Alternatively, choose a nice crisp pair of white trainers, think Vans, Converse or Nikes. These are the perfect finishing touch to any summer outfit.  

17. Relax your cap

It’s time to put away your fedoras and bucket hats because this season’s best accessory is going to be relaxed baseball caps. Avoid strong peaks or snapbacks and stick to a more laid back look.

18. Pick the perfect sunnies

Finally, no summer outfit is complete without the perfect pair of sunglasses. This season’s biggest trend is going to be bike style sunglasses, but we understand that these aren’t for everyone! The key here is to find a versatile pair of stylish sunglasses that you can throw on to complete any look.

The Scullers

Men's summer fashion tips and style guide

 There ain’t a better way to beat the heat than the scullers. Shield your eyes (and most of your face) by choosing a nice big pair of aviators or goggles. Modish and voguish they are the umbrellas for your eyes.

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