Why Men Shouldn’t Write Advice Columns

Why Men Shouldn’t Write Advice Columns

Advice is something that you don’t solicit from men (period). Yes, this could be the snappiest argument against why men shouldn’t write an advice column. But then, snappy isn’t always convincing. So, here’s some truth laid bare on men and something that they aren’t predominantly great at.


Okay, so you are fat and you did ask him whether you do look fat and he replied that you look chubby not fat.

Then? Then what! Nothing dramatic happened. Both of went your own way – He reading his paper and you wondering ‘how fat do you really look’. Did it end there? No! You sought advice from an advice column written by a man. This one surely adds some weight to your worries!

Dear X,

I am a 30 year old woman, on a diet since the past 2 years, but I am worried I haven’t lost the desired stones. Last day I went to a restaurant with six of my skinny girl-friends and ended up eating salad while they all merrily drank their beers. (In fact 2 out them had so much that I had to use my husband’s credit card to pay the bills). They somehow manage to keep losing weight. I am totally disappointed with my body and am tired of swallowing greens every day. What should I do?

The Man Who Advised

Dear Y,

You did not mention how much the bill amount actually was. Since it was your husband’s, did you actually forge your signatures for paying the bill? I am afraid if your husband comes to know this, you might be in trouble. As far as the weight is concerned, try weighing yourself less often. That might help!


It really depends. If you ask a man about diet or make-up or kids, chances are you’ll regret asking him for advice. But since they are naturally wired to understand road traffic, savings and tax, they’ll leave you pleasantly surprised with their astuteness!

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