Of Men and The Masihas – The Character Question

Of Men and The Masihas – The Character Question

Oh! They are all the same – the mice (and the men). Or else, women like to see them all that way – like a bunch or Pogocentrus Natteriries engaged in a notorious espionage to hunt down their prey and shamelessly devour it up.

Excuse the exaggeration, but I was talking about the Piranhas and comparing their horrendous act of killing for blood with that of men, who are on a constant hunt for cheesy ways of bedding women. Isn’t that all that a man wants – to lure a woman into banging? (Am I sounding enraged? Maybe!)

Every man, or a boy for that matter, develops certain tact for laying a neat net to catch his bait. He may, and will, use anything and everything to his advantage, be it swagger, style, money or a smile. Honestly, while they try to act like a knight with a shining armor, they end up looking like quasi-intelligent parasites.

At a dinner-date they will try to impress with a colloquy. Look them in the eyeball for a second and they’ll fumble; they might forget all the lines they rehearsed over and over again hoping to win you over.  They’ll take all the possible pains and a few more absolutely unnecessary ones, hoping that someday they get into their girl’s pants.

At a party, they will buy you all the Bloody Marys, Pinnacoladas and Tequilas that you want to gulp down, without mollycoddling. They really want to hear how you sound after so much alcohol abuse. In a way – they find THAT hot! Since your sober self is not so enjoyable, they think that they can enjoy a better version of you with you ‘hung over’. Poor chaps, fall to the folly, when their drunken girls talk them into quietly sleeping or better still put on a pretense of feeling sick to death (by booze). They’ll never get it! Or is that just some chivalry that still shows up every now and then?

Really, there is nothing wrong with men being obsessed with sex. The point is that they do not have anything different to offer. They will sell themselves on the linchpin of money, power, status or looks. That’s their ultimate fallacy. So if they are dropping you home everyday, you know they want you to return the favor (manifold). For a beginning, they want you to call them in for coffee at your place. They know how to take it from there – or so they think.

The guys might wonder – what’s with character? Chivalry is dead – how do we the men resurrect it? Men, dear men, chivalry can’t b expected out of every other Tom, Dick or Harry. All that the ladies want is that you be yourself, charm her, and let her take the lead at times. She will be hooked to you if you know how to keep the charm alive. You don’t need to constantly, baby. Damn straight! The ladies don’t want to be an arm candy to a scumbag. We don’t want masihas either.

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