Maximize Internet Connections for Faster Streaming!

Maximize Internet Connections for Faster Streaming!

Let us be honest, the internet has become a utility for millions of people around the globe. We rely on the internet for all the information, entertainment, and news. Back in the days, the internet had limited accessibility. Now, it is everywhere! The big businesses, economies, and even individuals are adapting to this modern age. 

However, some of the most important stakeholders are not keeping up with the pace. Not all these internet service providers are proactive in ensuring that consumers get the same bandwidth they are paying for. We do recommend getting Cox internet as Cox Internet prices are quite economical, and you get what is promised of you. We came up with a comprehensive guide on how to maximize your internet connection for faster streaming! 

Here is what you need to do: 

Inquire about your Internet Plan from your service provider

Most of us are not aware of the speeds our internet service provider is giving us. We fail to meet the requirements of our household and have trouble with streaming, downloading, and online gaming. 

Bear in mind that a faster internet speed will get us less buffering and smooth HD streaming. Therefore, it is important that you call your provider to check what speed you are paying for. Getting the right speed for your usage will maximize your streaming capabilities. 

Get the right equipment 

Our service providers give us the option of renting the Wi-Fi modem and we can also purchase one of our own. Most of us have an outdated modem we bought from amazon three years back on sale. The modem might look fine but it might be the reason why you have a poor internet connection. Therefore, invest in a good modem. If you have an outdated modem from the provider, ask for a replacement. 

Use a wired connection 

If your modem is close enough to your device, you may want to connect them with a wired Ethernet connection. This will get you faster speeds and you will be able to save some bandwidth for other devices. Wired connection is always preferable as it gets you a consistent and stable connection with faster speeds. You will experience a decreased buffering time while watching your favorite movies and TV shows. 

Check your router’s placement

If you like to stream on smart devices like your cellphones and tablets, then you need to make sure that you have a strong Wi-Fi connection. Placing the router in a corner will limit your connection and your videos will take some time to load. Therefore, get a Whole-Home Wi-Fi that has better signal strength or place your router in the center of your house. The Wi-Fi signals can be interrupted due to environmental or physical barriers. Moreover, reposition or tweak your router and see if that helps. 

Get rid of all the background applications 

If you feel like you have the right broadband speed and hardware is working perfectly fine, check if other downloads are hogging your speed. For example, if you are downloading your favorite shows online, you’ll face buffering while streaming. While with regular browsing, the ads, animations, and videos hamper the speeds as well. Therefore, downloading the Ad-blockers will help you minimize this hurdle. 

Moreover, our phones and gaming consoles are automatically synced with cloud storage via apps like Dropbox and OneDrive. The files are automatically updated and therefore take a lot of bandwidth. Turn off the auto-sync and update option to avoid slow internet speed and update manually.

Upgrade your Plan 

This might be your last resort. After checking with your service provider, if the broadband speed that you have is less, upgrading your package will get you better quality streaming. The streaming services require a minimum bandwidth to work properly. For HD streaming, up to 30 Mbps internet is sufficient. You can even get a higher package depending upon the number of Smart TVs you have.  

Secondly, you always have the power to negotiate. If you feel like you are not getting what you are paying for, point it out straight. Ask them to send over a representative to look at. There might a problem with the cables and it may require some mechanical work. 

Final Verdict! 

Since more and more people are considering the option to switch to streaming services, having a fast and reliable broadband speed is the need of the hour. Try these simple tricks to maximize your internet connection and if nothing works for you, switch to another provider!

Rohit Raina
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