Match Best Earrings According to your Hairstyle

Match Best Earrings According to your Hairstyle

The way you style your hair has great impact on the way you look. Your hairstyle or haircut is one of the major determining factors in choosing the right pair of earrings. A pair of earrings that matches with your haircut can not only notch up your style to a great extent but at the same time, a wrong pair can do blunders to your look! Well, if you do not wish to make any fashion faux pas, then you should know how to match earrings with your hairstyle. Go through this post to know which kind of earrings would suit your hairstyle!

Accessorising appropriately can not only help in accentuating your features but sometimes it also helps you cover up your flaws too. Right pair of earrings can do wonders to your style and greatly compliment your facial features too. Here’s how you should pair up your earrings and hairstyles!

Different Gold Earring Designs to Suit Your Haircut

  • Pair up danglers with a pixie or short cut: You can go drastically wrong if you don’t accessorize well with short hairstyles because when you have shorter hair the attention is directly drawn to the accessories that you are wearing around your face area. A very bold and chic look of a pixie cut or short haircut can be complimented with dangling gold or diamond earrings. Dangler earrings can help in mellowing your cut’s bold look. Such earrings are great for creating an illusion of length and may also make your face look elongated. One of the epic examples of dangling earrings is sui dhaga earrings.
  • Team up hoops for tie up hair or buns: If you like doing up your hair in a bun or tie them real high on your head, you create a lot of space from your ears to your neck area. You can create a visual drama by adorning hoop earrings. If you are getting ready for a special event or a wedding, you can team up your dress with hoop earrings and tie up hairdo and instantly turn into a stunner!
  • Choose adorable studs for ponytails: Actually the style of earrings that you choose with your ponytail depends upon how low or high to make it. If you like it low, this style supports a laid back look, thus cute studs in gold or diamond would make up for an ideal accessory. However, if you are like your ponytail to be high then you can go in for statement or chunkier earrings like hoops, danglers or chandelier earrings. 
  • Clusters earrings with your down-do hair: In this style, when you have all your hair down, wearing cluster earrings may help in accentuating up your look. You can choose gemstone, diamond or pearl clusters and create an interesting look. When you let your tresses down, sometimes they may look unkempt and may make your hair look awkward. However, the right kind of earrings can cover up for such faux pas. 

Try out these earrings with your various hairstyles and add oodles of sass to your look and style. Apt kinds of earrings with various kinds of hairdos can make you look like million bucks!


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