Make Yourself Look Bulkier by Wearing the Right Type of Clothes

Make Yourself Look Bulkier by Wearing the Right Type of Clothes

Skinny men often stick to a single style as anything they wear makes them look thin or lanky. If you are skinny and want to try out new fashion trends, you need to understand what look would go with your body and how you can look muscular donning any type of outfits. 

Styling Tips to Rock any Look

A golden rule of thumb here is to opt for clothes that match your body type. One of the common mistakes that skinny men make is to wear loose-fitting clothes to look bulkier. This does not mean you stick to body-hugging attire. This tends to highlight more on your scrawny figure.

When it comes to shopping for a men’s shirts, ensure that you avoid wearing anything pattern relating to stripes. These are good if you are short or on the heavier side. You might want to pick checks or geometric designs. If you are looking for such collections, you can shop for apparel in stores such as Jared Lang, located in Miami, Florida. 

The company is known for its modern style and latest fashion trends. You can shop online, choose the apparel of your choice, select the size and place your order online. They even have a cool blog section that offers you tips on the right outfit to wear for special occasions. These can be useful if you plan on going on a first date or a job interview. 

When it comes to shirts, ensure that your shoulder seam is aligned with your shoulder joint. Sleeves should not be too tight or too loose. When it comes to accessories, ensure that you go for the minimalistic look. 

To complete the look, you can add a jacket or coat to give a bulkier appearance. Go for lightly padded shoulders to get the heftier look. When it comes to necklines, turtlenecks or crewnecks can add width to your neckline. 

Another factor that needs to be considered here would be adding layers to your clothing. Layers make you look bulkier. You can begin wearing a thin vest or t-shirt and keep piling up with thicker clothing for your choice. You can either go in for a monochromatic pattern or mix or match with different colors of your choice. 

Experimenting with Patterns and Stripes

If you are looking for a bulkier look, then you need to follow some basic tips:

  • Avoid wearing dark colors as these tend to make you look more lankier
  • Go for lighter shades as it tends to make you a bit bulkier
  • Opt for shirts with horizontal stripes as it makes you look wider
  • Stay away from V-neck shaped T-shirts
  • Checkered or smaller patterns also tend to look smart on skinny men

Now that we are done with your clothing style, you might want to look into the footwear department. Avoid shoes that look or weigh heavily. The best option in the footwear department is lightweight sneakers, loafers or any high ankle shoes.  


Being skinny is nothing to be ashamed of. No matter what type of clothes you wear, if you are confident you will be able to pull it off. 

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