Make Love, Not Stereotypes: Breaking Stereotypes with TrulyMadly

Make Love, Not Stereotypes: Breaking Stereotypes with TrulyMadly

Welcome to the world of stereotypes – well you are already there, living among countless ones, but this one is more like a medley of a few that people like you and me come across day in and day out. Have you heard the one about being a Hindu ( Pandit, to be precise) and abhorring meat? You surely must have; along with others like being a homemaker means that your life revolves around babies, kitchen and saas bahu soaps.There is a huge list that keeps growing. Yes, as the trends evolve, stereotypes evolve too.

So, the world has got some new ones like working in a BPO means having the time of your life and other more such baseless notions. Now that you have entered the world of stereotypes, let’s break them one by one, with you, by you and for you! At least, let’s try to.

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That’s what a new campaign on the block has come forward to achieve. Precisely titled #BreakingStereotypes it is all about crushing those typical prejudices that have been fogging the reality since ages. An initiative by TrulyMadly (dot) com, it’s a step towards steering match making towards what it is actually meant to be.

What Are the Stereotype Busters Doing?

The squad seems to be pretty much convinced by the idea of involving the AAM AADMI. They call forward people from all walks of life and ask them to share the notions/prejudices that they get to hear about or have personally experienced. It doesn’t end there! They click the commoner as he or she holds out his take on the stereotype against the world, on a placard. The rush comes pouring to negate the blah.

Being there, Making a Difference

I made my bit of a difference just by being a part. They clicked a nice picture of me with the stereotype that I have been fighting with ever since my professional life began. I hope it makes a difference!


Me with My Stereotype
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