‘Love Goddess’ – A Song Tribute to Marilyn Monroe

‘Love Goddess’ – A Song Tribute to Marilyn Monroe

Soaked in the sensuousness of Marilyn Monroe from its very first chord to the last one, Love Goddess is a melody that takes a cue from the light-heartedness that Monroe displayed on-screen while retaining profoundness in the lyrics – a characteristic borrowed from the wisdom that the actress nurtured deep within. The lush instrumentals of the song, combined with equally heart-felt vocals take you closer to the legend that is Monroe.

While any dedication would fall short of the measure of applause she deserves, Plain Truth Entertainment scales up as close as possible to the class of the legendary Monroe. To capture the essence of Monroe in a song, it had to be fun yet soulful, sexy yet innocent, and Love Goddess leaps at all levels. Produced and mixed by well-known producer Steve Sola aka “The Mix King”, performed by pop icon Sir Ari Gold, and composed by songwriters Nick Lion and Paul Errico, the Love Goddess EP creates a new genre that matches her mystique, a “Pop-Dance-Memoir”.  This genre is a concoction of Retro and Pop garnished with a contemporary style.

The vocal expertise of Sir Ari Gold, whose stature in the music industry is unmatched, is the soul of the song.  Gold keeps the variations bounded together and moulds the entire composition in a symphony that brings Monroe’s fanfare to life.

For the many aficionados of the mysterious Monroe, owning a piece of her reminiscence would be a delight. Adding to the package, the cover art is a faithful recreation of the famous nude calendar photo, which brought her worldwide fame and launched the Playboy Empire. For Monroe, the Love Goddess is a respectful tribute to the life and legend of the iconic beauty and is a must-have for everyone who believe that there is a little bit of Monroe in them to celebrate!

The song, ‘Love Goddess’ will be available on iTunes and most digital outlets in August.

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  1. Enid

    absolutely amazing love the musical tribute to Marilyn Monroe

    1. Shivangi

      Great to hear that Enid…. It sure is peppy, and poignant.

  2. Melinda Neal

    I would like to hear this song about our beloved Hollywood star,Marilyn Monroe!

    1. Shivangi

      The song is out on iTunes, Melinda. Grab a copy.. 🙂

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