Look More Masculine With These 4 Simple Hacks

Look More Masculine With These 4 Simple Hacks

60% of men surveyed agreed that society puts too much pressure on men in one way or another. Whether it has to do with showing emotions, appearing more macho, or being a provider, men do face a lot of pressure in the world that often goes unnoticed.

No matter who you are, the way you feel about your appearance is crucial to your overall self-esteem and confidence. If you don’t look the way you want to look, it’s hard to go out into the world with a brave face.

Are you someone that wishes they have more manly features? Perhaps you’ve been trying to figure out how to look more masculine, but you haven’t been able to get the look quite right. 

Keep reading to get 4 big tips on how to look more masculine in your day-to-day life.

1. Dress Differently

There are things that you can try with your personal style that will help you see why dressing more masculine may impact your entire look in a huge way. For instance, if you have more of a curvy figure, you should opt to wear straight-cut jackets or vests.

You also want to be sure that you’re wearing the right size clothing. Overly baggy or tight clothing won’t give the effect you want, and it may actually make you look less mature than you really are.

2. Try Surgical Interventions

One way to get a more masculine face is to get a rhinoplasty (nose job). Male faces typically have a different nose structure than female faces, whether it’s something that you’ve noticed before or not.

A rhinoplasty will allow you to focus on the specific concerns you have with your facial structure as a whole, but also any specific concerns you have with your nose.

Some of the things that may make you appear more masculine when you get a rhinoplasty include:

  • Wider nose overall
  • Fuller tip of the nose
  • Better angular dimension
  • Straight nasal tip
  • Strengthened bridge

You can read more about the benefits of a male nose job before you make your decision. 

3. Stand up Straight

One of the simplest things that you can do to be more masculine is to focus on your poster and how you carry yourself. If you appear to have more confidence (even if you don’t feel it), people will notice.

Not only will this help you look and feel better overall, but it will also make your clothes look better on your body. It’s a win-win situation! 

4. Do More Strength Training

If you take the time to build out your chest, shoulders, and arm muscles, you’ll naturally appear more masculine. These are muscles that many people associate with “manliness” and by bulking up a little bit more, you’ll be able to accentuate your natural manly features better. 

Get an idea of some exercises that may help you with building muscle and invest in a gym membership or the right equipment to get started. If you’re a total novice, it may be a good idea to get a personal trainer to help you learn how to do the exercises safely and correctly. 

Learn How to Look More Masculine

With these ideas about how to look more masculine, you’re now ready to change up your look in whichever way you’re comfortable with and show your best self! Remember to be confident and showcase your best features (no matter what they are). 

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Christie Lewis
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