How To Live In a Tent In The Winter – Spend Your Winter Vacations Camping In The Forest

How To Live In a Tent In The Winter – Spend Your Winter Vacations Camping In The Forest

Whether you desire to try something new and special or you are planning to spend this winter camping and trekking, residing in a tent can turn out to be the most pleasant and thrilling part of your journey. Usually, camping and trekking in the jungle is the best possible way to spend your vacation. However, the major question that strikes our mind is ‘is it possible to make a tent on your own? And how to live in a tent in the winter?

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In order to make your tent-living experience stress-free yet tremendous, it is essential to opt for a wind resistant canopy tent. Apart from being portable, these tents are specially designed to provide a relief to the users from rain, wind, storms, and another such unfavorable climate. Generally, most of the people that desire to enjoy an amazing and easy stay in the woods prefer buying the wind resistant canopy, however, there are several other options as well i.e., canvas, nylon, and etc. Let’s discuss some tips on how to set up your tent and experience a fantastic stay in winter.

5 Tips on how to live in a tent in the winter

Though accommodating in a tent may be an exciting opportunity, living in the same is not that easy how it seems to be especially in winter season. The noise of birds and animals and lack of proper bedding may be the major reasons for your inadequate sleep in tents. Here are some ways on how to experience an exciting stay in a tent this winter

Get a durable and wind resistant tent

Since the fabric of canvas tent is breathable, the same won’t turn out to be hot inside either will it give access to rain. However, the canvas is a quite expensive option. So if you don’t have enough budget then you should opt for nylon tents. They are lightweight, easy to set up, and are movable. Nowadays, the pop-up tent is widely utilized by the trekkers that change their living location frequently. In addition to this, make sure that your tent should be sufficient enough to accommodate at least 3-4 people.

Set up your tent on the flat yet high ground

Usually, if you are accommodating in the tent in winter season then it is advisable to pack your tent completely to avoid the access of unwanted winds. Alternatively, if you are planning a vacation in the cool regions then set up your tent on the high & flat ground rather than at the underneath a slope. Make sure to clear the grass, rocks, and branches while setting up the tent.

Put something comfortable in the ground

Sleeping in the tent during winter is a tricky job. In order to avoid the cold environment, lay down a carpet or padding in the floor. It will aid you to sleep comfortably and will defend you against the cold ground. Alternatively, you can also utilize a comforter or a thick blanket if you can’t find a carpet.

Keep your entire stuff and luggage organized

Put your wearable, cooking stuff, and bathroom things separately in diverse containers. Life in the tent would only be comfortable if all your stuff is appropriately organized.

Set up a fire pit outside your tent

A fire pit not only help you feel warm and relaxed in the cold climate but the same will provide you a room to dry your outfits, cook food, and perform other such household-related activities. Make sure to dig the pit at least 5 inches deep, heap rocks and dirt around the fire to avoid the unwanted spread of fire.


so if you desire to experience a comfortable yet amazing life in a tent this winter, prefer setting up your tent in an appropriate location, organize all your stuff, build up the fire pit, and enjoy your vacation. All the best!

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