The Leftovers


We are all broken a bit

Don’t check your bruised knee

The scars won’t have stayed long

It’s a strong race you see

That survives an entire war

And takes a beating for love


We are all broken a bit

Marooned soldiers fighting their own souls

Their lives are empty

Without their foes

Who consume their existence

Their lives are empty

Without the love that wasn’t

But ached to be their whole existence


We are all broken a bit

Weary travellers caressing the roads inch by inch

For when we come back home

There is no respite in the comforts of a couch

No welcome in a standalone roof


We are all broken a bit

From our heads to toes

Time took us away bit by bit



Some girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice. Others, like me, are red haired, raw, and quite plus sized. Read my work on food and fashion on this blog.
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