Learn How to Stay Away From Busyness and Regain Your Leisure Time

Learn How to Stay Away From Busyness and Regain Your Leisure Time

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the world is a busy place. Actually, we are so used to this fact, as well as being in this condition constantly, that we hardly even know how to slow down, unwind and take it easy – even just for a little while. But like all behaviour, busyness is also learned. And that’s good news as a matter of fact because if you weren’t born this way that means you can also ’unlearn’ your busyness. You can teach yourself how to be more relaxed and untie that stress and anxiety, which are the symptoms of being occupied with something endlessly.

How can we possibly fight this modern-era plague, which relentlessly harasses and torments so many people and hinders their happiness?

Being in the World

First of all, you need to train yourself on how to be by yourself. It’s ok to be alone with your very own thoughts and feelings, essentially doing nothing – just being in the world. We strongly encourage you to use various techniques on how to resist the temptation to go out as soon as you hear all the hum and the buzz of the beehive that we call our World.

’The world is like a large beehive’ is a catchy metaphor: we live in interesting times and we surely don’t want to miss out any of the stuff that’s out there. Alas, all that comes with a certain price to pay. The desire to be constantly fed with fascinating things and enthralling contents takes its toll. We can’t help but try to be involved in so many things. We don’t like to miss out on anything. Being at the centre of the happenings has almost become a must. But you can’t be present everywhere. So focus on the being in the moment instead, and don’t just jump from one event to another, from one engagement to the next.

Build a Schedule Which Routinely Involves Spare Time

Once you’ve made sure that you’ve taken the first step towards re-connecting with your inner thoughts and feelings, the goal is to keep that pattern and avoid slipping into the previous state of affairs. Being incessantly busy is almost like a drug, and there’s no way around it than to actually kick the habit. In other words, you have to include free time in your daily plans. ’Free time’ equals ’me time’, so don’t let anyone disturb you during these periods. Stress and anxiety won’t go away if you continue with your old matter of course.

Eat Right and Your Body Will Be Grateful

You might be wondering: ’How on earth do I even get to this state of tranquillity?’ And the answer is fairly simple – you need to pay attention and take care of your body as much as you’re paying attention to your mental repose. People who tend to be busy all the time are prone to eating irregularly, and often times bad foods. They justify this – you’ve guessed it right – by saying that they have insufficient time to prepare their meals.

Although that might be true (because, to be honest, cooking does take a lot of time), it’s still not a valid excuse for eating unhealthy. Just opt for nutritious, already prepared healthy meals, like those delivered by My Muscle Chef, instead of eating junk all the time. And just like with everything else, you need to stick with this healthy diet long-term. Make that your lifestyle, and not just mindlessly running around and exhausting yourself.

Exercise – Recreation Can Include Relaxation

Speaking of exhaustion, while it is paramount to eat the right type of food in order to have high energy levels throughout the day, it is also crucial to include any type of physical activity. If you’re not exactly into sports, you can also try yoga, which is a great way for you to recharge both physically and mentally. Don’t forget that you can also meditate while doing sports like swimming, biking, running, weight-lifting, etc. You can use the time to reflect upon things and connect with your inner being while practicing any sport that you can perform by yourself. When you reach a certain skill level and carry out these actions without struggling for air, you’ll find the activity quite relaxing.

Pick Up a Hobby

This inner peace that we find so important can also be reached by picking up a hobby. You don’t have to find something you’re actually good at right away in order to enjoy doing it. Think of it as a challenge. For example, if you like drawing stuff, but can’t draw a straight line if your life depended on it, find a good book or a tutorial and put your mind into it. There’s so much to be done without the nauseating feeling of being busy, which in today’s world often translates to not having any time for myself.


’The world is your oyster’ is another catchy metaphor which aims to suggest that the world is waiting on you to go out and take everything you want/need. On the other hand, keep in mind that the rules of that busy world don’t need to apply to you at all costs and at all times. Just listen to your body more carefully and do things at your own pace.

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