Learn How To Enjoy A November Vacation In The Dominican Republic

Learn How To Enjoy A November Vacation In The Dominican Republic

A vacation in the Dominican Republic can be unique and quite different from a Caribbean vacation. When you are looking for travel tips on a lifestyle blog like ours, you are looking to read about places that you cannot afford to miss. Well, Dominican Republic is inundated with various places to visit and make your vacation memorable. The question is – when is the best time to visit Dominican Republic? Let’s help answer this one for you. 

When’s the best time to visit

The ideal time to plan your vacation depends on personal preference. During the usual period with not a lot of rainfall, the island is likely to keep busy and your vacation will cost you a relatively more. While you can plan vacations in the spring season, the weather is sunny without hordes of other travelers. However, there are chances of some rains that usher in the wet season with showers passing quickly without causing considerable disruption to vacationers.

You can enjoy good weather and lesser crowds in November – this month brings with it a great combination of sunny days and no storms. 

Visiting the Dominican Republic in November

The country has an average temperature in November, there is less rainfall as compared to the previous months. In case of any rain, it is usually small downpours in the evenings. Low humidity during November is good news for those looking forward to activities including the popular Caribbean party vacation weekend. You can book your ticket on Escapetodr.com for a chance to indulge in this annual event happening from 12th to 16 November. 

Visiting the Dominican Republic in November allows enjoying low prices for accommodation and flights. This is the ideal month to visit this beautiful country before the December hubbub. Without rains to mess up your itinerary, you will have all the time to enjoy local favorite dances including Merengue and Bachat. Other activities to look forward to include:

  • Enjoying 4×4 adventure boogies
  • Taking a helicopter tour
  • Exploring the Fun-fun caves

Top destinations in the Dominican Republic 

Punta Cana

This incredible place is located in the eastern part of the country. It is a popular destination with world-class hotels and resorts along the shores of sand beaches.There are immense activities to keep you busy and occupied, enjoying a wide spectrum of options that this exotic location has to offer. There are various adventure-packed activities including:

  • Buggy rides
  • Hiking
  • Caving 
  • Jungle excursion
  • Mountain biking
  • Safari excursions

Puerto Plata

Facing the Atlantic Coast in the north-eastern part of the country, this is also among the most popular destinations in the Dominican Republic. Its geographical location makes it a great spot for windsurfing. Puerto Plata lies outside Cabarete and Costambar which is a scuba diving host spot. Just like Punta Cana, this destination has luxurious resorts and hotels offering top-notch services to make your vacation worthwhile. Some of the activities in Puerto Plata include:

  • Swimming in 27 waterfalls
  • Sampling sweet delights
  • Touring an amber mine
  • Hiking up a mountain
  • Going shopping

How to enjoy a hassle-free vacation in the Dominican Republic 

Travel insurance

The rule of thumb when traveling abroad is to go with travel insurance in your pocket. Choose a robust emergency plan that covers medical evacuation including airlifting for care stateside or on the island. The travel insurance should also cover medical emergencies that might interrupt your vacation. 

Traveling with this insurance cover offers peace of mind. The Dominican Republic is a wonderful travel destination in the Caribbean for its spectacular beaches, friendly people, luxurious accommodation, and amazing weather, but including travel insurance in your vacation budget is strongly recommended. 

Booze smartly

Of course, partying non-stop is an activity you don’t need to be told to indulge in, but do avoid over-indulgence. Also, it is extremely important to avoid accepting drinks from strangers. The best way to have a wonderful vacation is to limit your drinking to avoid incidents and tripping throughout the vacation.

Bottom line

The Dominican Republic is arguably the best travel destination in the Caribbean for various reasons. Planning your vacation to this beautiful country in November is a great idea, if you ask me. It’s an as good idea as any to book travel packages before other equally fun-loving people leave nothing decent for you to book. 

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