Latest Trends in Fashion Designing Industry

Latest Trends in Fashion Designing Industry

Kenzō Takada has rightly said, “Fashion is like eating; you shouldn’t stick to the same menu.” The fashion industry is the torch-bearer for trendsetting.

Like a flowing river, it never remains stagnant. So, what’s new in the industry right now? Discussed below are some of the latest trends that are creating a buzz in the Indian fashion designing industry. 

Sustainable fashion

With global warming and climate change looming over us like the sword of Damocles, the fashion industry isre-thinking its manufacturing and logistical practices.

By reducing the sustainability costs associated with material procurement, designers are leaving no stone unturned to live up to what was hitherto known only as a marketing claim. 

However, sustainability is not limited to just responsible sourcing. Recently, Nike was praised forreducing plastic waste by creating recycled shoes.

The life of a garment piece is being seen as a circle, not as a straight line.Reusing garments has led to a reduction in overproduction, thereby increasing the lifecycle of the garments.

Even the famous Versace green dress worn by Jennifer Lopez in 2000 for the Grammy awards made a comeback in the Versace’s fashion show2019 in an updated version. 

Revival and nostalgic fashion

While we know that some trends from the previous generations are bound to make a comeback, no one can say which of those trends will blossom again.

Huge handbags that dominated the 00s have revived themselves. A lot of the 80s fashion, from eye-catching ruffles to poufy sleeves, has joined the latest fashion trend bandwagon.

As a budding fashion designer, it is vital to know the history of fashion. More often than not, the latest trends find their origins in the yesteryears. An excellent way to learn about the fashion industry is to choose fashion design course. There are many established fashion institutes, like the Pearl Academy, that provide a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the different aspects of fashion designing. 

Digital fashion and technology

Designers and companies are stacking up against each other using metrics like social and web visibility, search visibility, and follower growth to increase brand recall.

Social media influencers have become the focus for digital marketing, with brands looking for savvy consumers with a dedicated following for their branding campaigns. 

In the manufacturing process, a new trend has come up that makes 3D printing androbotic assembly lines look like things from the Stone Age. In a surreal twist, digital clothes are now for sale. These garments require no raw material.

They cause no harm to the environment because they don’t exist in the real world! These digital dresses are couture fashion, but for an online presence.

Virtual influencers, whose lives are fictitious and their looks are computer-generated, are the target audience for this trend of digital fashion.

If you think you know everything about the fashion industry, digital clothes are sure to spin your mind.

Inclusive fashion

The fashion industry is one of the most diverse, inclusive, and liberal industries.

So, it comes as no surprise that various fashion brands are taking conscious steps towards adopting a truly inclusive culture, from race and gender to body type.

Hiring inclusion officers is slowly becoming a norm; designers are creating products for all kinds of body types. We have even seen brand ambassadors of various ethnicities, from K-Pop idols to African-American icons, rising steadily.

Witnessing this positive trend, we expect more diversity, not just in the products but also in the board rooms in the coming years. 

Fashion is and will always be in the midst of transformation. But the wave towards sustainability and more responsible practices raise hopes of a brighter future. 

Christie Lewis
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