Landlord’s Inventory of Special Inspection

Landlord’s Inventory of Special Inspection

If you want to keep the property in your home, you must take inventory at the beginning of the lease term. Fixing the condition of the property at the beginning of the tenancy saves money, time and nerves for everyone involved in the transaction: both the homeowner and the tenants. The procedure of landlord inventory is conducted by a qualified professional. It can be any clerk from a private company.

The inventory is carried out according to certain rules within the laws of the country. Also, this document determines who is financially and materially responsible for any damages in the apartment or house. If you do not have such a document, it will be very difficult to get compensation from your tenants at the end of tenancy. It is a common practice that if you don’t have an inventory, many owners have to repair the damage at their own expense.

If you want to do the inventory yourself, the property inventory template  comes in handy. You need to do the procedure before your tenants move into your home. The tenant must be present during this process.

During the tenancy, the owner may conduct a cross-check. The regularity of this check is once every three months. You must notify your tenant in writing before conducting a property inspection.

Doing the inventory by yourself is fraught with the fact that it doesn’t save you from future disputes. The fact is that there are many nuances in this matter, which only professional experts know well. Even if all the financial and material responsibility is cause by the tenant, there are points when he is not obliged to pay you for damages. For example, it is the natural wear and tear of furniture, carpets or other items. You will have to accept the fact that even with care, furnishings lose their primary luster and become dull over time. In this case, the owner has no right to require the tenant to buy new furniture, carpets and other items.

From this point of view, the best solution is to contact a specialized company. The experience of professionals will help you to quickly compile an inventory and competently organize the remaining nuances of interaction with your tenants.

Rohit Raina
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