Lady Gaga: Born for a Bad Romance

Lady Gaga: Born for a Bad Romance

The onlooker will see a hat like a hat, and a shoe as a shoe. It takes a Gaga to make a gear out of them. Yes, I’m talking about a certain Lady Gaga – the inimitable queen of music. She is…umm..antithetic! But isn’t she brilliant? She says, ‘Once you’ve killed a cow, you gotta make a burger out of it.” Well, I say she’d rather be making a dress out of it – anorexia would get the better of the burger.

Half of the world thinks that she’s crazy. The other half basks in the glory of her craziness. Born as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, Gaga celebrates the 27th time she completes a round of the sun.


When she was on her 4th, she was learning to play the piano. By her 14th, she was setting the nights ablaze in New York’s nightclubs. Talk about accomplishments – I won’t brag about her – but I couldn’t neglect noticing that at a point of time she was juggling three jobs. Amongst her three stints was one with the dance form known as gogo dancing.

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Agreed, that Gaga’s cerebral pulse is far ahead of her heart beat – and that such people are often difficult (to understand). But if you follow what she says closely, there is no two way about the fact that you’d end up having a helluva good time. Gaga never falls short of a sense that you could in a way, call humor. Her wit is downright British, and her accent too – something funny to happen to an American. That said, the origins of her lampoon stem from life itself. You know that she’s been through something bad when she comes up with a one-liner like “I’m a little bit naked, but that’s okay.”

Whether it’s a hooded leotard or a meaty costume, Gaga wears her mood on her sleeve, which most of the time is at an elevated high. Fashion for Lady Gaga is less about showing-off and more about showing-up (in a way that hasn’t ever been adopted before). You might miss a Jolie in a crowd for once, but with Gaga there is not the slightest chance that you’ll fail to catch a hurried glimpse at her.

Image Courtesy: Facebook(dotc)com/ladygaga

While the comparison might be completely off-beat Lady Gaga is much like the invincible Raj Kapoor – Not in the style; Not in the composure – but in their race against time. Both the legends have sparked a thought chain well ahead of time and way beyond anyone’s understanding. Certainly, there is not the slightest speck of similarity in the demeanor of the two. Nonetheless, the passion that they embrace towards their art is commendable. All in all, you can’t separate a Kapoor and a Gaga from Showbiz!

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