Ladies Perfect for New Kill Bill

Ladies Perfect for New Kill Bill

This is part wish, part eligibility list. They may or may not make another installment of Kill Bill, but there is any chance of the ‘The Bride’ burning up the big screen, here are the hottest ladies that would be the perfect fuel:

Anne Hathaway

Despite what girls might think, Anne Hathaway was the best Catwoman they could have, undeniably so. She oozed enough confidence to make Batman sweat.  On Hottest Women Scale: 9/10

Chitrangada Singh

Whether or not she can kick-ass, she has to be ‘The Bride’. Chirangda is everything a typical male fantasy is made of. Chitrangda’s alluring beauty might allow her pull of even a saree in a sword slay scene. On Hottest Women Scale: 8/10

Lady Gaga

It takes a sexy woman to wear clothes made out of raw meat, animal horns, bedeck herself with prosthetics,a heap load of theatre makeup and not look like someone who has just come out of a disastrous Halloween getup. On Hottest Women Scale: 7/10

Scarlett Johansson

American TV and big screen is full of butt-kicking babes, but few do it like it like Scarlett Johansson. Her turn in Avengers saw her fighting aliens, loads of them. The last time I checked, she was giving them a serious whipping. On Hotttest Women Scale: 9/10

Moon Bloodgood

The actress who played Lt. Blair Williams in Terminator Salvation can be our ‘Bride’ and terminate anyone and everyone that comes her way. On Hottest Women Scale: 8/10

Whether or not the Kill Bill remake ever sees the light, but blood and babes is an irresistible combination. Period.

Rohit Raina

A writer by chance and leisurely on his way to become a writer by choice, Rohit is either ranting his ire out or talking about the most irrelevant stuff around.
Rohit Raina

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