Kurta Pajama at Nihal Fashions

Kurta Pajama at Nihal Fashions

Kurta Pajama is the kind of attire that is reserved for special occasions such as weddings or wedding anniversaries. At Nihal Fashions, you can find the most beautiful kurta pajamas at very low prices because we have good quality pieces that are budget friendly.

What is Kurta Pajama?

It is a long loose shirt that is often used in the Indian tradition. At first, it was created just for men but nowadays it can be worn by both man and woman. It is a versatile garment because it can be used both for formal or informal occasions.

Styles to wear your Kurta Pajama

These days the kurta can be styled in many different ways depending on one’s preferences.

  • As casuals during the day: kurta can be routinely used for informal occasions. A good way to combine it is with jeans. Young people love it because it looks nice and feels comfortable during the day. It is a great way to maintain a distinctive style from others.
  • As a PJ: this is the chosen option for most of the Indians. They consider this is a very comfortable garment because of the material that it is made of.
  • At work: when one is surrounded by a lot of things to do at work, there isn’t anything better than being comfortable. That’s why a lot of people choose the kurta as a vestment for work. It can be combined with jeans, pants or other options. This depends on your style.
  • For special occasions: it is also used for special occasions such as weddings or wedding anniversaries.

Types of Kurta Pajama

There are different types of Kurta Pajama at Nihal Fashions, for different tastes. At Nihal Fashions, we offer all the types of kurtas that you can choose from all the categories:

  • Designer kurta pajama
  • Regular kurta pajama
  • Designer dhoti kurta
  • Linen kurta pajama
  • Jacket style kurta
  • Pathani suit

You can also choose between the different colors and fabrics that we offer you.

In the Indian culture, there are different types of kurta, such as:

  • Kalidar kurtas: they are for everyday use or also for special occasions. They are often seen in the chikan fabric.
  • Lucknowichikan kurtas: it is characterized by overlapping panels, and are often used in urban areas during the hot summers.
  • Hyderabadi kurta: it is a form of the traditional kurta, characterized by a keyhole neck opening.
  • Bhopali kurta: it is a longer form of kurtas, it ends above the ankles. This is often used with pajamas. It is a female wear.
  • Dogri kurta: it is open from the front and is a very versatile wear, can be combined with churidars or also chinos.
  • Punjabi kurta: it reaches the knees and it is classified in three types. The three types are the Muktsari kurta, Phulkari kurta, and Bandhani kurta.

If you want the best kurta pajamas and you also want good prices, you can have it in Nihal Fashions.

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