Know Everything About the Use of the Best Anabolic Steroid Drugs

Know Everything About the Use of the Best Anabolic Steroid Drugs

Last month, Mr. Gibbons, a 23-year-old anorexic young lad, won the title of being “Mr. Fit, 2020” in his college fest. The journey to achieve this title was a constant struggle for Mr. Gibbons. Owing to his anorexia, Mr. Gibbons had to face a lot of criticisms for his body frame. However, in 2018, his condition started improving as his family physician started a course of anabolic steroids for him. 

As a result, within the last 2 years with the right diet and regular exercise, Mr. Gibbons has transformed into a strong young man with a well-toned physique and an impressive persona. This positive change brought by Androgenic Anabolic Steroids (AAS) has boosted his confidence to a larger extent helping him to overcome his inferiority complex.

While this is just one of the success stories of AAS, there are numerous stories wherein the anabolic steroid has acted as a performance and appearance enhancement steroids to help the needy across the globe. There are hundreds of stories lurking around to be told and to be brought into the limelight. 

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Overview of Anabolic Steroids

Well, anabolic steroids are organic compounds responsible for increasing the pace of protein synthesis in your cells. When the rate of protein synthesis increases, it leads to a decrease in muscle breakdown and speeds up the process of muscle growth. Thus, the primary function of AAS is to foster the stamina building and enhance the muscle mass in individuals.

In the initial stages, the only athletes had access to AAS. However, owing to its strength expanding characteristic, by the 90s, young males started using AAS to get a chiseled and toned physique. 

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Although these anabolic steroids have been helping individuals to achieve their fitness dreams, the question of whether these drugs are legal or illegal has largely been debated for decades. The chief reason behind this controversy can be traced to the indiscriminate use of AAS by youth.

The promise of an impressive appearance and the thrill of attracting the attention of the opposite gender compelled young males to rampantly consume these life-enhancing drugs. 

Alarmed over this abuse of AAS, some countries regulated the production and distribution of AAS by strengthening their legal framework. On a microscopic level, have a look at this content to understand a historical timeline of AAS regulation:

Owing to this regulation, presently the market offers an alternative solution of legal steroids to needy individuals. Formulated with natural ingredients, these legal steroids are relatively safer over their illegal counterparts. 

But still, over time, there’s a lot of negative conditioning that has been developed around steroids. On the contrary, it is imperative to eliminate these misconceptions that are falsely associated with these health supplements.  

The best way to tackle this is to get periodic blood tests done that can be undertaken in the course of anabolic steroids to keep a track of body changes. In case of any unfortunate effect, you can easily consult a physician and set things right.

Thus, we need to understand that basically, AAS is a beneficial health supplement. It’s only when you consume them beyond the required limit that you experience its side effects. 

What are the ways in which people misuse steroids? 

First of all, one must understand how dangerous Drug abuse could be. It is found by researchers that the people who misuse anabolic steroids are the ones who either consume them or take them as injections for enhancing muscles. There are also people who use them in the form of regular cream or gel.

One must take under the consideration that these doses maybe 10 to 100 times higher in comparison with the doses that are referred by medical experts so as to treat medical conditions.

Here are a few common patterns that are found when it comes to misusing steroids – 

Plateauing: This is referred to as an overlapping or alternating with another steroid with the view of not developing a level of tolerance. This is extremely dangerous. Drugs shouldn’t be misused like these. Read more about it here.

Cycling: This may sound completely harmless but it isn’t. This pattern definitely has ill effects on the body. People who take doses at a stretch and stop for a while and then start again fall under this pattern. 

Stacking: Stacking is yet another way to play with your body dangerously. Stacking is referred to as the intake of 2 or more drug steroids in combination via any kind of method. 

Pyramiding: Pyramiding is referred to as a gradual increase in the dose of the drug or its frequency. The user often doesn’t realize when the lines are blurred and it becomes a problem that is difficult to tackle further.

Do you know what will happen when you overdo AAS?

Aside from mental effects, one must take note that these commonly cause severe acne. If you are keen to know more about the researches published on these steroids, then this article will be of great help:

It can also lead to the swelling of different body parts, especially hands and feet. Apart from that, some people may experience long term problems like kidney failure, liver damage as well as increased risk to blood clots. Several short-term side effects include nausea, extreme emotional outbursts, sleeplessness, and irritability.

Taking these drugs without medical consent is never recommended. Self-medication is harmful as it can lead to AAS overdose in individuals from various age groups. For an exhaustive account of specific AAS overdose side-effects in different age groups, check out this article

Now that you know what to do and what alongside the right guide to the drugs are legal, you can go ahead and taste the virtue of life without any complications. 

The elixir of life is certainly what you need to live your life to the fullest and while you buy to make sure that you are opting for a trusted and reliable source. 

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