Know All About Cardio Watches and Its Features

Know All About Cardio Watches and Its Features

Fitness now is a part of everyone’s life. The need to stay fit is understandable as there has been a sudden surge in diseases caused due to overweight and unhealthy life choices. As a result, people are seen adopting new lifestyles, which are more beneficial for their health. Cardio activities like running, cycling, and walking are the most commonly embraced amongst both the young and the adults. In order to upgrade and support these cardio activities, smart gadgets like cardio watches are here to make healthy and active living possible and more effective. 

Cardio watches help you track, record and monitor your progress on a daily basis. They say awareness is the first step towards change. To bring about major changes in your lifestyle and body, you need to be aware.

Cardio watches help you track your burnt calories, monitor your heart rate, count your step and most importantly, remind you of your goals when needed! 

Before you buy a cardio watch for yourself, here are a few things you must consider: 

  1. Battery life: Cardio workouts show better results only if you are working the right muscles out!  So, to get the desired results, cardio workouts should be longer than other workout types, making it essential for cardio watches to have long battery life. 
  1. Modes: A cardio watch must have at least two sports mode for you to switch from. There is a different mode for each activity, from cycling to walking. Carefully go for a watch that fulfils all your requirements and needs. 
  1. ANT+ Compatibility: Being compatible with ANT enabled devices like a heart rate strap and foot pods is essential to track your performance better by monitoring heart rate, stride based steps, and cycling cadence efficiently and accurately. 
  1. Display: For some who loves to be outside, a Transflective display is a major requirement in their cardio watches. Why? Because a Transflective display ensures 100% clear visibility even on bright sunny days. 

Find below some of the trendy options you can choose from:

The Perfect Way To TraQ Your Workout!

A sturdy and stylish cardio watch loaded with smartwatch features and three sports modes that can power up your workout like no other! 

This highly efficient smartwatch will add more intensity to your workout by significantly upgrading your endurance level. With a battery life of 13 hours, this watch will never let you down. In addition, it is enabled with an onboard GPS that tracks your location even when your smartphone isn’t active. So, wait, no more and get back on the track now with TraQ cardio by Titan!

The Ultimate Cardio Watch

For the all-rounders and the overachievers, this smartwatch comes with three ultimate sports modes: running, cycling, and swimming. 100%  water, mud and dirt resistance, this watch is the smartest choice you can make amongst the other cardio watches available in the market. Not only that, but also you can uplift your style game with this highly efficient smartwatch that is offered in three vibrant colours for you to choose from! 

Lighten Up With TraQ Light

Make your every second meaningful with the chic TraQ Lite from Titan. Without any doubt, this lightweight, extremely comfortable watch is also super-efficient. Loaded with features like a step counter, calorie counter, independent chest strap-based heart rate monitor, and many more features make it a perfect cardio watch. 

Watch Out For The Best Watch!

If you want to buy a cardio watch that’s perfect for you, then watch out for all the features mentioned above that set other cardio watches apart from the best ones. Moreover, it is essential to opt for known brands that offer high-quality products at honest prices. One such brand is TraQ by Titan, which offers great smartwatches that will surely fulfil your requirements efficiently and effectively! 

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