Kiss Like You Mean It

Kiss Like You Mean It

Kissing is fun. If it’s done the right way, that is. It’s a show of affection, love, passion, maybe even the fact that the other person is bloody attractive. My whole grouse lies with the fact that despite a thousand films and music videos showing ‘exaggerated’ kissing action, real life is seldom filled with great kiss moments. It’s time we kissed like we meant it.

Kissing is an art. Like anything else. So if you were to write a poem, you’d write it with a certain amount of conviction and interest. Similarly with cooking. If done otherwise, it tends to show. It’s the same with kissing. If done well, it can lead to great results. If treated in a lackluster manner, it can amount to disastrous results. Or desultory ones.

So is this a demo talk on the art of kissing? No way. Because there is no demo tape on it. It’s almost intuitive, I believe. And in some ways, its like the Lycra line ‘Either you have it, or you don’t’ Either you’re a good kisser or you’re not. However, what I’d like to propose here is some hard work. Put more into each kiss – more passion, more pizzazz, more purpose. Because a kiss is all you get sometimes, to prove your mettle.

For a country that prides itself on the Kamasutra (yawn, it’s been touted to death), it’s surprising we’re a country of such bad kissers. I guess we have a lot to learn and a lot more to de-learn. The latter, especially from Bollywood, who seem to think that a kiss is all about plastering one’s lips onto the other’s and holding the pose for what seems like 20 seconds as rotating camera pans the couple in slow motion. Refer last scene in Jab We Met – an otherwise wonderfully romantic film.

So is good kissing a technique meant only for the amorous? Nope. The answer lies in investing effort. Investing a certain amount of technique. And covering up for any lack of finesse, with good intention. Kiss like you mean it. Not like you’ve seen it. Because as they say, the best things in life are sealed with a kiss.

Authored by Savita Nair




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