How to Keep the Spark Alive in Long-Distance Relationships: Just Use Sexy Lingerie

How to Keep the Spark Alive in Long-Distance Relationships: Just Use Sexy Lingerie

When you and your partner are separated by hundreds of kilometers, should sex be off the table? Not at all! In fact, today, people have all the opportunities to explore new sexual practices and collect sexy erotic lingerie to keep the passion burning in long-distance relationships.

Thanks to technology, there are no boundaries in the realm of love and sex, and we can discover new dimensions of pleasure. In this article, we’ll explore how to inflame your partner’s sensations during long-distance erotic play.

Tips for Virtual Sexual Play

Virtual reality has created the perfect conditions for fulfilling desires and sexual fantasies without any inhibitions or fear of judgment. In the virtual world, there are no constraints. On the contrary, it fosters confidence and liberation. Put on some sexy erotic lingerie, arrange a virtual date with your loved one, take your smartphone, and immerse yourself in this incredible atmosphere.

In long-distance sexual relationships, communication plays a crucial role. Be open and honest with each other about what practices you’d like to try and how to touch yourself. You can deal with a “Yes-No-Maybe” list, tailored individually and then discussed together. Find out what erotic sexy lingerie your partner would like to see you in. Perhaps it’s the perfect time for a kinky fantasy about being an elf or a strict maid.

What you can use:

Role-play costumes, sexy lingerie, BDSM accessories, that you can buy in the Paris Adult Shop.

Sultry voice, sexual touching, sex attributes.

Your imagination.

If you’re having different time zones, agree on a convenient schedule for video calls in advance.

Between video calls, you can engage in sexting by exchanging photos and pictures with tantalizing text and seductive phrases. This will help maintain the simmering passion whilst you can’t dedicate several hours to each other.

How to Use Erotic Lingerie for Long-Distance Sex

Erotic lingerie in long-distance relationships is not just a beautiful accessory. It’s a real volcano that can ignite the fire despite the kilometers between partners.

Sometimes, one lingerie set is enough to amaze your partner and make them forget about everything else. When choosing the right bra or bodysuit, forget about the everyday. You should seduce and fascinate. 

Delve into your desires to get the most out of your virtual encounter. Prepare your outfit carefully: put on beautiful, sexy lingerie and other accessories that hint at your fantasies. Most importantly, plan how you’ll take it all off and script the game.

A corset, lace bodysuits, sheer bodystocking, or lingerie set with easy access? At the beginning of the video call, drape a light silk robe over your body. When things heat up, it’s time for the most exciting part.

Not into planning ahead? Improvise! While wearing sexy erotic lingerie, your imagination will continually come up with new ideas on how to please yourself and your partner.

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