Katerina Leroy: Her Favorite Jewels At The Moment

Katerina Leroy: Her Favorite Jewels At The Moment

“Paraiba Larimar” earrings, “Paraiba Larimar” bracelet, “Paraiba” diamond ring and “Paraiba” Bracelet harmonize perfectly as a jewelry set, especially when combined with the pastel colors of Katerina’s outfit.

Paraiba stone is a Tourmaline known for its bright neon colors. The color ranges from blue to green, and all just as bright as the last. Because of this the colour of the gemstone is important when valuing it. The beautiful stone got its name from the region in Brazil in which it was first discovered. However, other similar like gemstones have appeared in Africa. Furthermore, these new stones have caused some debate. But it is the rarity of the Paraiba stone that really raises its value. 

For almost 3 years, Katerina Leroy has been presenting her fans with breathtaking pieces of jewelry from Thomas Jirgens, reflecting her passion for this unique pieces. The focus is on jewelry that symbolizes life itself, including the beauty that arises from imperfection – translated into precisely handcrafted designs. Large, high-quality cut gemstones and magical star details lend pure elegance to Thomas’ summer collection and give even simple outfits the final touch. Whereby elegance today no longer necessarily has to be the classic costume, but is rather a question of personality.

Strength, passion, creativity and self-confident styling characterize Katerina Leroy and underline the equally multi-faceted pieces of jewelry from Thomas Jirgens collections.

Model: Katerina Leroy: @katerina_leroy

Photo: Kosta Potežica: @kostapotezica

Jewelry: Thomas Jirgens: @thomasjirgensjuwelenschmiede

Make-up and Hair: Anna Velychko: @anna_artist_

Stylist: Anna Borisovna: @annaaborisovna

Team LM
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