Jamia Milia Islamia University: What are the best events celebrated in Jamia?

Jamia Milia Islamia University: What are the best events celebrated in Jamia?

Jamia Milia Islamia University is a public central university, situated in the titular area of Jamia Nagar, which is in New Delhi, India. Established on 29th October 1920, the University will complete 100 years this year. The University has its motto of “Allam al-insān-a mā lam yaʻlam”, which, when translated to English, means, “Taught man what he knew not.” The university emphasises much on academics simultaneously keeping a keen eye on cultural activities to boost the students’ morale

Before moving on to cultural activities, let’s take a look at the academics side of the university. The students get along with faculty and seniors more or less. The college is reasonably strict, but you will have to work out what kind of company to keep, at least at the start of the college. As for the cultural activities, Jamia Milia University attracts over twenty-five thousand people, from around a wide area of expanse, who will undoubtedly have different cultural upbringing, thus making it a compulsion of celebrating every culture. The University can safely be said as the hub of various cultural activities and events, some of which are listed below.

Departmental Festivals

Miraas is the official festival of the University; what’s more! It is actually seen to be organized at the national level. Many Universities and Institutions From across the nation got together to participate in Miraas. Other notable departmental festivals include Ecocracy, Aalen, Karwan-e-Fikr, Seharand Taabeer.

  1. To begin with, Ecocracy is the prestigious festival of the Economics department, lasting for around three days; something unheard of for departmental fests – and that is the beauty of this festival. It includes cultural and non-cultural activities, such as dancing, theaters, sports and also mushaira, to name a few of the activities.
  2. Then youhave Aalen, the festival of the Department of Management, also organized for around three days. It has the same cultural and non-cultural activities as Ecocracy, the only difference being the important inclusion of management events. It works as a treat for the management students especially.
  3. Next, we have Karwan-e-Fikr, the departmental fest of sociology. It is a diverse one, also spread over 3 days, with all fun activities to celebrate the subject of sociology.
  4. One of the commendable festivals includes Sehar, which is the department of Social work’s festival. It resembles more to a cultural event rather than a fest, where activities span over two days of fun and relaxation.
  5. The list also includes the festival of the department of law, named Taabeer. It is perhaps the most popular festival, with many other universities and institutions coming forth to participate in the fun.
  6. Commercialese is the last festival on the list, also of the department of commerce. But this festival is the annual cultural festival, not departmental. It has all sorts of cultural activities lined up in the days of fun when it is held usually in the months of March and April every year.

There are other festivals organized and celebrated by the University itself, but these are the prominent ones among them.

All-women literature festival

Jamia Milia has organized this event, in the association with YourVoice. The festival’s name is “Raise your Voice”, and is perhaps the first Literature festival consisting of only women, as a way of celebrating the International Women’s Day. It is a one-day festival that celebrates women in all their glory, and their act of courage, determination and understanding and empathizing the patriarchal struggles, also in modern times. A lot of women dignitaries and celebrities join this festival every year to increase the importance of the existence of women.

Usually, there are food stalls, filled with mouth-watering delicacies, along with some nice and pretty art and cultural stalls for the students to check out. This All-Women Literature festival is a culturally beautiful amalgamation of art and culture, filled with inspiring stories, drama, beat, poetry and rhythms, all in one place. The first-ever installation of this event saw Kamla Bhasin, RJ Sayema, Roshni Misbah, Richa Anirudh, and Khairunnisa Shah were some of the people who graced their presence at the event.


Holi has certainly become a big deal around. In colleges, the Holi celebrations are placed strategically to avoid any clashing with the exam pattern of that year. The YUVA chapter of the University is keen on conducting nice Holi celebrations and proceeds with their own ‘Rangotsav’. The students’ gathered play with just gulaal – no water whatsoever – and chant the useful slogan of “Holi hum manaege, paani hum bacaenge.”(We will celebrate Holi, we will save water!). The students of the University gather to have desserts, recite poems and folklores which are sung during Holi, as always.

Many students come from other parts of the country and witness the celebration of the festival. The University and the students’ body of YUVA Jamia make sure that everyone comes together and harmoniously celebrates this festival of colours.

These are only some of the many cultural activities that Jamia Milia Islamia University either organizes by itself or in association with other organizations.

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