It’s Cool To Be Kind: 3 Ways To Spread Kindness

It’s Cool To Be Kind: 3 Ways To Spread Kindness

There is one constant in a busy and ever-changing world that can drastically improve someone’s day: kindness. It doesn’t take much effort to be kind to others, but that little bit of effort goes a long way and can generate a chain reaction of positivity. Isn’t that something we could all use more of in our lives?

You remember when people are kind to you, just like you remember when people are mean to you. Choose the former. It feels good to be kind and to receive kindness. Your physical and mental health also benefit through reduced pain, lowered blood pressure and increased happiness and acceptance. Adding random acts of kindness to your daily routine is easy. Keep reading for four easy ways to spread positive vibes daily.

1. Coffee on Me!

Purchasing a drink or meal for someone is one way to spread kindness recently seen on social media. If you have the means to do so, paying for coffee for the person behind you in line is a great way to start the day off. Imagine how nice it’d be if a stranger picked up your Americano tab! Baking extra dinner or dessert for a neighbor can have the same effect.

2. Recognition

Recognizing a co-worker’s hard work, a helpful employee you interact with at the local store, or a neighbor is an easy act that requires no money and minimal effort. Along with a tip, leave a comment card complimenting the waitress who happily refilled your toddler’s spilled drink and cleaned the mess up, all while pleasantly waiting on your crazy table of eight. Put a sticky note in a neighbor’s mailbox letting her know how beautiful her flowers are looking.

3. Helping Hand

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Take a few extra moments to lend a helping hand to the stranger who dropped a stack of papers. Step aside to let the parent with a crying baby check out before you at the grocery store. Shovel snow for your elderly neighbor. Even the smallest gestures can make a big difference. Be observant and look for ways to make an impact. Chances are you will also notice others doing acts of service.

These are only a few examples. Sometimes just a smile can improve another person’s day. Small acts yield large rewards in terms of positivity and potential outreach. Spreading kindness is essential and so easy that anyone can participate. Make it a habit and a lesson you instill in your children. If you experience an act of kindness, don’t forget to pass it on. Remember — it’s cool to be kind!

Christie Lewis
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