Is The Bra You Are Wearing The Right Fit?

Is The Bra You Are Wearing The Right Fit?

A lady’s inner garment is perhaps the first thing that guarantees her comfortability the whole day.

If you wear a panty or bra that is the wrong fit, you walk around self-conscious, worried continuously if anyone else has spotted you.

And many a time they have no idea. So why torture yourself while you can wear the right fit?

In this piece, we are focusing on the brassier. And the question is, are you wearing the right fit?

The pointers below will tell you if you are or not, so keep reading.

Is your bra riding high?

We have all witnessed this, a lady wearing a strapless dress and the bra she has on is riding high nearing her neckline. Do you think that is comfortable in any way? Absolutely no! As a matter of fact, that is the first sign that that bra is the wrong fit. A well-fitted bra should be aligned at the front and back as well.

Is your bra wires cutting into your flesh?

If the answer to this question is yes, then you are wearing the wrong bra. A well-fitting bra should not leave marks when taken off at all.

And this entails all parts of the bra, be it the strap, the underwire, or the band that goes around your chest. If you are wearing the best underwire bra, it should fit seamlessly without cutting you into pieces.

Is the strap hanging loose?


If your strap is always pipping through your clothes or hangs over your shoulder while you run your errands all day, then that bra is not the best size for you.

Indeed it may fit everywhere else, but who said you could not get a bra with all the bases covered? Well, this might not entirely mean that you get a new bra immediately, so first readjust the strap; if it stays put, then the issue was the adjustment.

But if the problem persists, head to the next lingerie store and get yourself a well-fitting bra.

Are your boobies breathing fine?

How are your twins doing? Are they too packed inside the bra without circulation, or are they hanging too freely inside the bra’s cap? If this is your case, then you need to get your boobs a new home.

A cap that is either too small or too big is problematic. A small-cap squeezes your breasts making it hard for proper blood circulation to occur, and if done for a long time, it could lead to cancer. A cap too big might lead to premature breast sagging—both scary scenarios.

Your breasts should sit comfortably inside your bra cap, not to squished, not too loose.


If your answer to most or all questions was yes, you need to get your bra size fitted. And guess what, it is not as hard as you thing. You simply measure your band size and bust size, enter the measurements into an automated calibrator, and get your recommended bra size.

Once you get that info, head straight into a store and get yourself a new bra.

Christie Lewis
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