Is Seeking Social Media Validation Just for Losers?

Is Seeking Social Media Validation Just for Losers?

Those who live to seek social media validation have one life altering advice for you: “Stop seeking social media validation.”

So, recently this trend went viral on social media and YouTube when that Pakistani girl made a video in which she appears to have having fun with her friends and says “Ye hu hai, ye hamari car hai, aur ye party ho rahi hai.”

This soon caught fire and everybody from commoners, trolls to celebrities were making their own versions of the video.

Now, while everybody was having fun, Vir Das made a video mocking everyone and labelled it people desperately seeking social media validation. And that’s how he made himself sound different, intelligent and just different from the herd.

Or, did he?

While I am not inclined to believe that Vir Das himself isn’t a desperate social media validation seeker – 90 percent of his tweets are about him expressing his “opinions” on every random thing under the sun that has nothing to do with his upcoming gigs or his profession in general.

But, let’s just ignore all of that.

The biggest question is this – Is seeking social media validation really that bad a thing? Or is this phrase is just another virtue-signaling piece of tool?

You find solace in drugs, but someone else distracts himself buy wasting time on social media. This ‘validation’ in the form of Likes and comments gives them happiness. Why should you judge them based on what gives them happiness if it doesn’t give you the same feeling as you claim?

But let’s take you on face value, not that Vir Das you have much or a face left.

What makes you think drugs are the right tool and social media isn’t?

Social media addiction or the urge to receive by validation can go wrong. But so can drugs ..?? If someone feels cathartic shooting a video on a viral trend and receiving insta likes on it, why do you have to insult them?

Let me try and make sense of it in this video:

Rohit Raina
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