The Irks of Being a Wallflower


If I could be a wallflower
Smiling on the pink bricks of your heart

I’d take every pounding like your beat
Like a lullaby patting me to sleep

And in the wake of daylight
Your breath would be my coffee
That I’d cherish sweet or bitter

And if I could be the solo wallflower on the pink bricks of your heart
I promise I’d always glitter

But I know you plucked me only for the fragrance
And there have been other wallflowers on those bricks

Each one has had its farewell – Mine is due too
For there is another fresh one, pretty, young and new..



Some girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice. Others, like me, are red haired, raw, and quite plus sized. Read my work on food and fashion on this blog.
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