Why Do Intellectuals and ‘Feminists’ Go Silent When Islamic Groups Abuse?

Why Do Intellectuals and ‘Feminists’ Go Silent When Islamic Groups Abuse?

Suchitra Krishnamoorthi is getting her taste of what it feels like being an opinionated woman in India. I’m sure this is not her first time though. So, she tweeted this after being disturbed yet again by Azaan at 5 in the morning, and Sonu Nigam Part 2 ensued.

Sample some of the replies she got for a perfectly valid point she made:

More for your eyes

Appreciatively, she is getting tons of support by people on the same medium, but not enough from the people who influence opinions. The scholars in India, the intellects, the so called feminists who give every incident a religious or gender colour, even if the incident has nothing to do with either, are known to be apologists for Islamic extremists. So, it’s hardly a surprise that virtually no one from India’s intellectual factory has spoken in favor of Suchitra Krishnamoorthi. They are waiting for someone to be victimized at the hands of people who just happen to be Hindus.

But Suchitra Krishnamoorthy’s case is not the only one

Irrfan Pathan posted the following picture and the custodians of his religion saw it nothing less than blasphemous. 

Also, Mohammad Shami posted the following picture a few months back:

This is how people thrashed him:

Barksha Dutt, in her defense of Islamic extremist, was quick to dug up a 6 year old article of Sangh parivar issuing a diktat around how some universities should have a dress code. This was a blatant attempt to distract attention away from the incident and instead focus on something that reflects poorly on Hindu extremists. Sure, no form of extremism is good, but why do these intellectuals exhibit so much bias – outrage over Hindu extremism and apologist attitude for Islamic extremism.

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