An Inking of Life: Tattoos You Must Try

An Inking of Life: Tattoos You Must Try

Without the pastels and the sheen, life is plain and boring. That, or for purely self-indulgent moments, how about giving your skin some inked inspirations? With most of the American and British population adding to the culture every nanosecond, there is no denying the fact that tattoos are going mainstream.

From flaming dragons to flabbergasting flies on unimaginable spots on your skin sketched in candid, poetic, philosophical and artistic forms. So if you are willing to experience the sweet pain, what would be your pick for absorbing the paint? We suggest try these out:


 The Ear Lobes or Back of the Ear


These are the best picks to keep a companion for life. And what a colorful one you’ll have if you get a tattoo on the lobe or the back of your ear. In black or in color, a brush of paint will sit perfectly for ever, whispering sweet memories of the times gone by. The advice: Try something fun and crazy just like the above

The Belly Button

So you plan a really sexy tattoo at a really sexy place? The navel is your canvas. If you have the belly to flaunt, and the attitude to carry a piece of art right there, you my friend are just about to own the most exotic and erotic gift of your life.


This one is for the girlies ONLY. And, for those who believe that tattoos are a skin thing meant to expose. Ya’ll can place a safe bet on your lower limbs. As far as the design is concerned, let the brush take an unknown route.

The Bare Back 

How about some fine art on the back or some that plunges right into the cleavage cut? Traditional culture telling a story right through your skin – sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? Looks great too!

 While fashion is absolutely no compulsion, you can ignore the ink if you’d like to escape into a crowd without being the center of attention. But, once you decide on being exactly that – the linchpin of fashion, there is no better way than getting a bold and beautiful tattoo.

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