International Women’s Cricket Team of Hotties

International Women’s Cricket Team of Hotties

To say that we are a cricket crazy nation would be an overstated understatement. And when it comes to pretty babes taking the field, one just can’t contain the excitement. This is an IPL age, so I thought I should put down a team that comprises of international stars. So here is my playing eleven with a twelfth wo’Man’


Rani Mukherjee OR Parineeti Chopra

You can’t have an Indian batting top order without at least one short-heighted batsman. And when it comes to Rani, she had her cricket gyan in ‘Dil Bole Haddipa’. Though I never fellt motivated to watch that lazy farce, I hear she wasn’t bad.

Preity Zinta

Oh, we are so used to the Sachin-Sehwag combo that it has to be omnipresent in every Indian team created by any Tom, Dick and Harry of a writer like me. So here we are pairing Preity with Rani. If Rani had her batting lessons, Preity has been a keen observer from the sidelines, thanks to her IPL stints, and she must bring in a lot of experience to the team.


Lindsay Lohan

Every team needs a Sreesanth, a badass that can stir up controversies faster than a batsmen can swing his bat. And who better than Lindsay Lohan to the job. For the record, she is equally un-talented as Sreesanth.

Ashley Harkleroad (Captain)

Ashley Harkleroad playboy
Courtesy: Playboy

Here is the Jonty Rhodes of the team. For most part of her pre-playboy life, she has been a tennis player. She sure knows to smash and quash the ball around and can be expected to catch some blinders in the field. With her curves, she is sure gonna hit you out of the park. Being most experienced of all, she is our captain.

Scarlett Johansson

That chick kicked some ass in The Avengers. Rest assured, she would keep thrashing the bowlers with same panache.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart figure hot

Admit it, you hated Twilight but she sure looked a stunning damsel being rescued and fought over by vampires and werewolves and what the F ever. And well, if she can get a vampire fall to her charms, she sure can get a human bowler fall on her knees.

Kelly Brook

A pinch hitter for the ages. I would keep her as an all-rounder so that I get to see her as much as possible – while batting as well as bowling. Her long run-up while bowling will sure send her male fans in a tizzy.

Bipasha Basu

Thanks to Dhoni, the importance of fit players has multi-folded. And this is where you need the new Yoga guru, Bipasha Basu.

Deepika Padukone

Photo: Maxim

Oh, you need at least one tall, lanky pacer in the team who can hit the deck hard.  Deepika must be the right woMan for the job. Just the other day someone saw her hitting a hard right hand smash in badminton, I believe throwing some lightning in-swingers to the batsman shouldn’t be a problem!

Kareena Kapoor

To be a fast bowler, you have to hate losing and you have to have heaps of attitude. And when I put it like that, the only name that knocks the door is Kareena Kapoor. Period.

Anne Hathaway

 A legend in the making, this Catwoman trumped none other than our superhero Batman. Isn’t that precisely what you need from your bowler?

12th Women: Rakhi Sawant

There has to be someone for carrying drinks to the ground and broken bats back to the dressing room. Rakhi Sawant was made for this.

Rohit Raina

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