What Indian Men Desire

What Indian Men Desire

You may ask why Indian? We have a reason! Unlike others, Indian men are foolishly romantic and strangely practical. There is a secret side to them that is ever-surprising. So is the case with their desires. When it is about the desires of an Indian man, you know what he says might not always be what he wants for himself.

Job Title

No matter how much an Indian male loves the idea of living rich all his life but titles in reality can even take precedence over salary. There are clever managers out there who would roll out dimes in the name of the appraisals to their employees, which is not enough to retain them. But then, they have another weapon – give them an impressive sounding title and there they have their prey. When it comes to Indian men but give them the ‘promotions’.

But it would be unfair to see only the negative side of it. The fixation to job titles also speaks of high ambitions. The fact that they ignore the not-so-huge increment factor and go for the title can be owed to their far-sightedness.


Not all Indian men are content with non-tangible perks. They want hard cash, lots of it. But unlike the previous generation, all does not go to savings. The contemporary Indian man believes in the clichéd mantra, ‘Work hard, party harder’ and make sure there are no half measure while living the mantra. They earn big, spend big.





Girlfriends – Lots of them

And then there is that! Leave apart their peculiar fantasies and desires, Indian men swoon over white skinned and ultra modern chick when they will only settle for gharelu Indian bahu.





You will often see an Indian male on the hunt of praise and acknowledgement. While those are secondary to him, he will often crave being pampered. No matter how much they deny being a momma’s boy, when it comes to oodles of sweet kisses and receiving gifts (and eat outs), you will see the Indian male on top of cloud nine.






It’s a simple funda for them – we work so hard that we might indeed be entitled for a month long vacation. For them attractions are few while distractions (from work and family) are many. Not that they don’t sweat it hard in routine, but they always want a day off for themselves. Can’t blame them for craving long exotic vacations in a land tucked far, far away – for WHO doesn’t like a date with themselves?

Family (And kids):

A whole bunch of buddies somehow fails to complete their life. Their life is somehow imperfect without a typical family. They want a wife and they want kids too. So they’ll earn the moolah, enjoy their fair share of the dating game, get an Indian girl and settle down FINALLY!

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