India: A Nation of Hindu-Haters, Islamophobics, Misogynists, Feminazis

India: A Nation of Hindu-Haters, Islamophobics, Misogynists, Feminazis

If you go by how people in India get labelled – by media or by the Twitter army – you’d be left with just 2 kinds:

  1. Sexist, misogynist, chauvinist bigots who, by and large, share a similar political ideology too, leaning towards Right. The one word used most often for this category is either “Bhakt” or “Sanghi.”
  2. Man-hater, pseudo-intellect, forever-ready-to-scream-sexism feminazis who label every man a potential rapist. Their political ideology again, curiously enough, leans heavily towards Left, and these are the people singularly responsible for the despise and disdain that the words ‘Intellectuals and liberals’ receive.

Outlook Towards Women

A “Feminazi” trait: When a man accused of sexual harassment denies the allegations aggressively, he becomes shameless liar by default; but when a woman accused of the same crime posts a tweet in denial of the accusation, she gets lauded for “fighting back the trolls and haters.” It’s a stigma to even think that woman can abuse.

A “Chauvinistic pig” trait:  For this breed, the entire #MeToo campaign was bogus and pretentious because if a woman boards a bus wearing tight pants, of course she has given you (and every other male in the bus) the consent to feel her derriere. Also, men too face abuse, so the entire outrage over woman getting raped stands invalidated. Because, logic.


“I am against movie halls playing National Anthem”

All it takes is this line for you to be labelled as anti-national, unpatriotic, insensitive-to-sacrifices-of-soldiers smug who should pack his bags and go away to Pakistan.

“The man who blew up that building belonged to an Islamic terror organization”

Woah, you just painted the entire Muslim population as terrorists! Just mention in passing that the individual behind a crime was Muslim, and liberals would go to town amplifying a misconstrued version of your statement and accuse you inciting violence against the entire Islamic community. You will be labelled a Sanghi who doesn’t realize that terror has no religion (Of course, the same people using that phrase are quick to scream “hindu terrorism” if a victim of violence/theft/fraud happens to be a Muslim by chance.

A Sanghi’s checklist for declaring you anti-national, pseudo-liberal

  • Take a Cricket loss sportingly and praise the opposition
  • Criticize a Modi policy
  • Feel disturbed on hearing news about a rape, call Delhi a city not safe for women
  • Express how certain journalists like Goswami, Sharma have become BJP puppets.
  • Refuse to laugh on jokes derogatory towards women
    Refuse to believe that a Priyanka Chopra has every goddamn right to marry a man 15 years younger or 25 years older to her or a Anushka Sharma is as celebrated as Kohli
  • Express how the Padmavat controversy was a disgrace, especially considering that BJP thought it to be so important an issue to have personally taken an anti-Bhansali stand

A Liberal’s checklist for declaring you Sanghi/Bhakt/Fascist

  • Choose logic over language (for example, how can the daily morning Azaan be compared with once-a-while jaagran just to win an argument)
  • Argue if there is no such thing as Islamic-terror, how can one justify constant use of Hindu-terror when referring to violent incidents
  • Argue if some temples can bar the entry of men on the grounds of very specific customs, why is it hard to believe that there are also customs that bar the entry of women (P.S: You can’t say “you want to worship a God in a temple” and “You find that temple’s customs  – as dictated by that God – to be superstitions” at the same time.)
  • Acknowledge and appreciate Modi’s achievements
  • Just say you appreciate Akshay Kumar’s recent film choices (no kidding, thanks to the pro-India social message in his recent films, they have already been labelled jingoistic, hyper-nationalistic, bhakt-pleasing, and so on.
  • Condemn the killings of a BJP worker or for that matter any individual by the hands of a naxalites or Muslim
  • Expose the fake news reported and circulated by the likes of Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai and their breed.
  • Criticize Kejriwal and his ministers for labelling African women as ugly, prostitutes. Instead of being hurt by the naked sexism and abuses hurled by Kejriwal, Liberals will accuse you of being a shameless Modi bhakt. Talk about hypocrisy!
  • Wince at a certain Swara Bhaskar who got offended that all the bad guys in Padmavat were Muslims, contrary to what she thought when she was out supporting the film before its release.

The lists above have no end, but if one had to make a list on the Left hypocrisy, an entire book can be made out of that. For example, their grievances over the Gujarat riots of 2002 never end, though they forgot 1984 sikh riots within a year after they happened. It’s like you can hear liberals saying that so what if the Godhra train burning incident happened, that doesn’t justify the genocide of Muslims but one Indira Gandhi was killed and so you had to have a reaction. Do read this article too.

Rohit Raina
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