Exterior Makeover – 6 Ideas to Uplift Your Home’s Façade

Exterior Makeover – 6 Ideas to Uplift Your Home’s Façade

In the world of real estate, first impressions are everything. The exterior of your home is more than just a facade; it’s a statement about the property’s overall appeal and condition. For homeowners looking to sell, an exterior makeover can be a game-changer in attracting buyers and fetching lucrative prices. In markets like Lansing, where the median home sold price was $140,387 in November 2023, up 4% from the previous year, and the median price per square foot was $110, investing in the exterior can significantly impact your home’s market value. From roofing to landscaping, simple yet strategic upgrades can transform your home’s appearance, setting it apart in a competitive marketplace. Let’s explore six effective ideas to give your home’s exterior a fresh and appealing makeover.

  1. Modern Roofing Solutions 

The roof plays a vital role in the exterior of your home. Not only does it safeguard your property against environmental factors, but it also greatly enhances the home’s visual appeal. Upgrading your roof with the help of a professional metal roofing company can provide a contemporary and durable solution to uplift your home’s look. Metal roofing, known for its longevity and sleek appearance, can give your home a modern edge.

A professional roofing company can offer a range of options, from traditional metal roofs to more innovative designs tailored to suit your home’s style and your personal preferences. Looking up the keyword Lansing, MI Metal Roofing company near me will help you connect with the right experts. 

These roofing solutions not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house but also improve its functionality by offering better insulation and durability. In a market like Lansing, a well-executed roofing upgrade could be a decisive factor in increasing your home’s value and attractiveness to potential buyers.

  1. Refreshing the Paint Job

A new coat of paint can do wonders for your home’s exterior, instantly revitalizing its appearance. Choosing the right color scheme is key to this transformation. Opt for colors that complement the architectural style of your house and align with the neighborhood’s palette. Whether you go for classic neutrals or bold hues, the right color combination can make your property stand out.

Investing in high-quality paint is crucial, as it ensures longevity and better resistance against weather elements like rain and sun. A professional application guarantees a smooth, flawless finish that will elevate your home’s look. A fresh and appealing paint job can be a simple yet effective way to increase curb appeal and attract potential buyers.

  1. Landscaping and Garden Revamp

Landscaping is a powerful tool in enhancing your home’s exterior. A well-designed garden or a neatly manicured lawn can dramatically improve your property’s look and feel. Start by assessing your current landscaping and considering what changes can be made. It could be as simple as adding colorful flower beds or pruning overgrown shrubs or as elaborate as redesigning the entire garden layout.

Incorporating features like stone walkways, decorative planters, or a small water feature can add a touch of elegance and serenity to your outdoor space. Seasonal planting ensures your garden stays vibrant throughout the year, contributing to the overall aesthetics of your property. Remember, a beautifully landscaped garden not only makes your home more inviting but also reflects on its well-maintained status.

  1. Updating Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are not just functional components of your home; they significantly contribute to its overall aesthetic and energy efficiency. Replacing old, worn-out windows and doors can give your home an instant facelift. Modern windows and doors come in a variety of styles and materials that can enhance your home’s facade while providing better insulation and security.

When selecting new windows and doors, consider their style and how they complement your home’s architecture. For instance, large picture windows can add a contemporary touch and bring in more natural light, while traditional paneled doors can add a classic appeal. Energy-efficient models can be a smart investment, reducing heating and cooling costs and adding to your home’s green credentials – an increasingly attractive feature in today’s real estate market.

  1. Installing Decorative Lighting

The right lighting can transform your home’s exterior from ordinary to captivating, especially during the evening hours. It’s not just about illumination; it’s about creating an ambiance that enhances your home’s architectural features and landscaping. When updating your outdoor lighting, consider a mix of functional and decorative lights.

Pathway lights can guide visitors to your door, while accent lights can highlight landscaping features or architectural details. Porch lights add a welcoming glow and improve the safety of your entrance area. With the advent of energy-efficient and smart lighting solutions, you can enjoy enhanced lighting while keeping energy consumption in check. Besides, curb appeal can significantly influence home values. Thoughtfully designed exterior lighting can make your property stand out and attract potential buyers.

  1. Adding Architectural Details

Adding architectural details can be a game-changer in enhancing your home’s facade. Elements such as trim, molding, shutters, or decorative brackets can add character and depth to your home’s exterior. These details, though seemingly small, can make a significant impact, creating a sense of sophistication and uniqueness.

For example, window trims can frame your home’s windows beautifully, making them stand out, while shutters can add a traditional or rustic charm, depending on their style. The key is to choose details that align with the overall architectural style of your home. Customizing these elements allows you to put a personal stamp on your property, making it not just another house in the neighborhood but a reflection of your style and attention to detail. In today’s real estate market, where standing out can mean a faster and more profitable sale, these architectural details can be a wise investment.


In today’s competitive real estate market, like in Lansing, giving your home an exterior makeover can be a strategic move to enhance its appeal and value. From modern roofing solutions to refreshing paint jobs, landscaping revamps, window and door upgrades, innovative lighting, and the addition of architectural details, each improvement plays a crucial role in elevating your home’s facade. These enhancements not only uplift the appearance of your property but also contribute significantly to its marketability, making your home a standout contender in a bustling housing market. Investing in these exterior upgrades is not just about creating a beautiful home; it’s about making a smart investment for the future.

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