How You Can Heat Up Your Winter Wardrobe

How You Can Heat Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Have you seen those pictures of women in the winter time waiting in line at a Starbucks all wearing essentially the same clothing? Maybe you’ve even been one of those women before, there’s no shame in admitting it. Choosing to stick out from the crowd and show off your individuality is how fashion icons are made, though, so it’s always good to put your own personal spin on things.

Many of us fall into the traps of getting similar winter clothing year after year because we know it’ll keep us warm and comfortable. What we all need to realize though is that before we knew that those clothes worked for us, they were just sitting on the shelf like all the other clothes in the store. The concept I’m trying to get at here is that you should broaden your horizons because there’s a huge chance you’ll find something you’re much more in love with now and still gets the job done as far as keeping you safe in the winter time is concerned.

Layer Your Outerwear

Outerwear can provide a huge conundrum for thousands of women in the winter time. What looks good might not exactly be the warmest choice, nobody wants to look like the Stay-Puft man from Ghostbusters just to avoid frostbite. Layering is your friend here, by putting on a t-shirt first and then layering on long sleeved shirts bit by bit you’ll be able to sit comfortably inside without a coat but also brave the elements outside. A thin puff coat works great over a long sleeved lace blouse that has some more items underneath. Just remember to look at the weather forecast in the morning when you’re deciding how many layers you’ll go with.


The winter boot is one of the hardest things to spice up, as it needs to be sturdy and warm which usually leads to an overall bulky look that is far from flattering. Designers have taken inspiration from all sorts of places and now you aren’t stuck with drab hiking style boots if you don’t want to. Website BnB has a great range of examples for new winter footwear that breaks the mold. Want a more rustic kind of vibe? There are bohemian boots that are plush and have false fur dotted along their design to keep things far from the synthetic mass production you’re used to. There’s also a wide array of boots now that are just as thick and insulated as what you’re used to, but they spice things up by adding a heel or other more dressed up attribute to them.


What socks you wear during the winter can have a huge impact on what boots you’ll be able to pull off throughout the winter. If you’re a fan of thin ankle high socks, you’re going to have to overcompensate with a really thick and insulated boot. If you kick things up a notch and decide to go with some socks that are big and thick enough to keep your feet cold, you can get away with choosing a less bulky and cumbersome boot to better compliment your wardrobe. Fashion isn’t always made by what we see.

Parting Words

There’s no reason a miserable winter should call for a miserable wardrobe. Think out your choices carefully and if you sacrifice some insulation in one piece make sure to make up for it in another. Hypothermia is serious business and you never know just how cold it’ll be as you walk to your car after a long day at the office. Be chic, bundle up, and try and enjoy these cold winter months.

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