How to Tour on a Motorcycle in Ireland

How to Tour on a Motorcycle in Ireland

Ireland is undoubtedly among the few beautiful historic islands. And like other parts of the world, this beauty looks even better when seen and experienced astride a motorcycle. There are endless miles of exquisite and scenic routes to explore not mentioning the exemplary Donegal Thatch Cottages. Its underpopulated landscape minimally influenced by the 20th-century industrialization effects explains the existence of hundreds of prehistoric sites and ancient ruins. 

Irelands rapidly improved road networks allow for easy access to isolated and remote areas while providing a memorable and worthy ride for bike aficionados. There are also several pubs and plenty of accommodation options such as the Donegal Thatch Cottages to spend your evenings. That said, below are insightful tips to guide your riding escapade. 

General Information 

One thing riding enthusiasts worry is how they will communicate with the locals in case they need some help. Well, English is a primary language in most parts of Ireland. However, some speak Irish, especially in the western regions. Tap water is available everywhere and drinkable. Time zones are the same as in the UK with 220 volts electricity. 

How About the Weather?

Honestly, the Irish weather is extremely unpredictable. At one minute, you could be busking in scorching sun rays and rain pours the next minute. Nonetheless, there are no extreme temperatures or storms. You should carry both heavy and light gear for that matter. 

Any Necessary Documentation? 

Travelling visas are not necessary for EU citizens. They only need a passport or EU identity cards. Also, you must not have vehicle registration books, but an insurance certificate and a valid driving license is a must. EU residents should also get the Form E111 that provides for free medical attention if necessary. 

How About the Motorcycle?

If you are bringing along your motorcycle, ensure that it is roadworthy. All lights, including indicators, should be fitted with a properly functional horn. Tyres should not exceed 1mm tread depth and exhaust with a maximum of 80dB. If you don’t have yours, you can consider renting out one from the various companies available. 

Traffic Rules? 

In Ireland, you should keep left. Ensure that you have crash helmets and other safety gear before hitting the road. Daytime lights are not a must but should be used in areas with low visibilities. As for the speed limit, the national limit on unrestricted roads is 100km/h and 120km/h on motorways. 

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However, always be on the lookout for speed limit guides as they vary from one town to another. For instance, busy towns and cities have a 60km/h limit with others limiting to 50km/h or 30km/h. Like other nations, drunk driving is illegal. 

Are Irish People Friendly?

Ireland is not only known for its beautiful scenic features but also warm heated people. Citizens are incredibly friendly, especially to the south part. In areas such as Cork where the language is impenetrable, try smiling if you don’t have an interpreter. You should also refrain from indulging much on politics and religion, since opinions may vary. 

Riding in Ireland is certainly fun. The items mentioned above are among the core things to watch out. Well, there are others, such as emergency services, bike breakdown, and repairs, food, petrol, drinks, and accommodation that can be discovered naturally on the road.

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