How to Restore the Former Glow of Your Precious Car

How to Restore the Former Glow of Your Precious Car

It goes without saying that car owners want to keep their car looking as sharp as possible for as long as possible, and there are a bunch of reasons for that. 

For starters, they want to preserve the car’s value, create a positive social impression or simply enjoy driving a shiny car. Whatever the reason may be, the ones whose cars still glow even after going through the grind for many years must have taken very good care of their vehicles. It doesn’t mean just washing and cleaning it regularly, but also choosing only the right products and reacting quickly to any potential problem. So, if you’re one of those who don’t want to have a car whose paint job has begun fading, but would rather prevent the paint from becoming so badly oxidized, LeisureMartini as your favorite lifestyle blog is providing tips on how to put the shine back on your car or help it keep its original shine for much longer.

Types of paint

How to maintain the car paint to make the car look shiny

Long ago, manufacturers used a single-stage paint job and those paints were thin, fragile and extremely prone to oxidation. Some 40 years ago, they started using a two-stage painting system, which included applying a base coat first and a clear coat on top of it. This has proven as a much more durable and longer-lasting option, as well as more environmentally friendly. Still, if not properly taken care of, this paint will eventually and inevitably deteriorate.

What happens to paint?

To begin with, the rays of sun start wreaking havoc on the paint job as soon as you drive your new car off the lot. Namely, the UV radiation from the sun causes great damage each time you park your car under the blazing sun, while exposure to dirt and other pollutants from the environment only make the matters worse. It won’t be long before you notice ugly white blotches, which are a consequence of oxidation. So, try to keep your car in shade whenever possible and wash it regularly to remove any contaminants. However, if you haven’t provided the right protection, you can still react quickly to minimise the damage and restore the former flow of your precious car.

Protect the paint

People living in Australia know how tough the climate can be on the bodywork or what kind of damage stone chips, road debris and wear-and-tear may cause. That’s why many car owners turn to experts providing excellent car detailing who apply a kind of “invisible barrier” between the paint and the outside world. Once you protect your paint, you won’t have to worry about a seemingly small element destroying the paint. Remember that even a slight damage can lead to rusting, which is one of the major issues related to the bodywork.

Give it a good wash

If you’re not happy with the state of your car, start by giving it a good wash to get rid of all debris that your car collects. This includes dirt, oil, fingertips, bugs and all other particles that got attached to your car. Use only products specifically designed for cars and avoid using regular soap or detergent. Don’t let your car drip-dry, but use a non-abrasive cloth to remove any water from the bodywork.

Repair the paint

Inspect your car for any signs of paint damage, like scratches. If there are some minor ones, which affect only the clear coat, you can fix them using some rubbing compound that you can get in any auto shop. If the problem is bigger, you have no other option but to take your car to an expert to repaint the damaged part.

Make it glossy

Once you’ve dealt with scratches and swirl marks, you can apply car polish.  If in doubt about which product to use, consult an expert and look for the best possible polish available. You should also consider scheduling regular maintenance in order to get the most amazing long term results on your ceramic coating.

Don’t forget wheels and tires

People often fail to realize that wheels and tires play an important role when it comes to making your car look shiny. If you give them special attention and use a good brush to clean them regularly with the help of a non-corrosive water-based cleaning spray, you’ll notice how much nicer and newer your car will look. Make sure you don’t miss any grooves and crevices of the wheels and tires and rinse well.

You may think that all this attention is unnecessary and too much trouble to go through, but we assure you that’s not the case. Especially when you think about all the benefits of having a shiny and great-looking car.

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