How to Pick the Right Luggage for All Your Travel Needs

How to Pick the Right Luggage for All Your Travel Needs

Who doesn’t love breaking the monotony of their daily routine and jetting off to a new, exciting locale? Travel is like exercise for the soul. It helps to keep us all grounded in a life where we can very easily lose track of what’s important to us. Despite all of these romantic associations with travel, you still need to have a good head on your shoulders and plan accordingly ahead of time.

This means knowing where you’re going and what you’ll need to be most comfortable. All of this is going to fit inside your luggage, effectively becoming all of the possessions you have to your name for the duration of your travel. This is why it’s crucial to pick the right luggage from the get-go, so you can travel in peace and focus on enjoying where you are more than dealing with keeping all of your belongings safe and together.

Here’s how to select that piece of luggage:


No matter what mode of transportation you’re taking, you’re going to have to lug around your luggage for a significant period of time. That’s exactly why you need to look at how portable your luggage is over long periods of time. Wheels are king when it comes to luggage, as it makes heavy luggage easier to bring around and puts very little strain on the hands. If you only have two large, unwieldy handles to grasp onto for long periods of time, you’ll quickly become fatigued, and your luggage will be more of a hindrance than anything. When selecting the right luggage for you, consider how well you’d fare if you had to carry it around for over an hour while staying mobile.

Durability and Build Quality

Travel is hard on your body and the luggage you’re carrying along with you. Saving a few bucks on your bag could come back to bite you, if it turns out you bought something with no staying power. Play with the wheels – are they flimsy or barely attached? What about the zippers – are they strong and durable? Avoid any luggage that has zippers made from plastic coils as opposed to metal teeth. Zippers made from plastic break down frequently or come open accidentally, while metal zippers are much hardier. If the wheels of your luggage are set into a recessed area, that means they are much less likely to break due to blunt force.

Hard or Soft?

This tip depends much more on personal preference than the others, but it still requires serious consideration. The best luggage brands all have options in either hard or soft, so it isn’t like one is objectively better than the other. If you’re going to go with a soft-shelled bag, make sure the material used is a heavy fabric that can withstand significant amounts of stress. Soft bags are great because you can stuff in an extra item you bought while traveling or an extra shirt you think you might need. If you’re more concerned about the well-being of everything inside your bag and find yourself particularly worried you might have your bag slashed, hard-shelled is the way to go. 


The right luggage can be the difference between patiently waiting for your next flight and cursing whoever had the desire to invent leather handles. You need your wits when traveling for a myriad of reasons. Energy shouldn’t be wasted on something as mundane as keeping your sanity because your luggage is less than ideal. High-quality, well-made luggage will last for several years to come. Pick the right one, and it will pay for itself in convenience alone.

Rohit Raina
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