How to Keep Yourself Positive During the COVID-19 Quarantine?

How to Keep Yourself Positive During the COVID-19 Quarantine?

Quarantine is a time when people are advised to isolate themselves in their houses to protect themselves from any harm. Every country around the globe is experiencing quarantine. And being home for this long a period, especially in this socially charged world is quite impossible. But you have to follow the rules, to keep yourself safe and sound.

In this hour of quarantine, many of us are seeking ways to keep ourselves stocked up with positive energies. But however easy as it may sound, it is equally hard to keep ourselves positive. Reason? Well, it is because every time we are gathering all the positive energies around us, by that time, something or the other drops in and binds us to think negatively. How to overcome such situations and keep ourselves up and all positive?

Sharing below some tips and tricks to keep yourself motivated and positive during the lockdown:

Cut off Social Media

Well, before you go mad over us, listen up. Cut off the ‘usage’ of social media. As the more you will be using it, you’ll be stressing yourself about the latest updates on the Pandemic. So, less the social media, less the stress of keeping this unnecessary count.

Switch to the Classics

It’s been long, your father is not finishing with the news on this un-noble disease. Well, you might be having enough data to download or watch some Hindi classics from various online platforms. Bribe your father with such Hindi classics (or any other) and spend time with him, chilling over movies.

Stock Up your To-Do List

For the days to come after all this all would be in control, wouldn’t it be a great idea to start making a list of what to buy and from where? So, sit with your family and make plans of how to send Rakhi to USA to your uncle or who all will be invited to your Diwali party this year. Believe us; it is never too early to make the festive celebrations big.

Get into the Art of Substitute

Now that you have limited access to food supplies, and other necessities, how about planning for the same, in a better way? SO, take your mom along and discuss with her how you guys can make the most of whatever food supplies you have.

Learn a New Art

You have reduced the usage of social media, but to get rid of that addiction, indulge yourself in any art or craft activity. We promise that doing so will help you to be very keen on your art or craftwork, rather than what’s happening on social media. And what do you think could be the best time to make the most of your best out of waste ideas?

Get in Some Good Habits

Some expert says that a human body takes 21 days to get into a certain lifestyle. And if it is true, then what time can be better than today? Start working out for better health, read some interesting books and build up your reading interest, maintain a diary and introspect yourself.

These and many more such non-social-media ways can help you beat the negativity of this hour. All you need is to keep yourself busy, either searching for websites to send Rakhi online or searching for new DIY craft ideas. Give yourself the pampering, which is not possible while you are at work or studying. Give yourself this much-needed break and build the bond you have planned to build while you took that job.

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