How To Get a Full-Body Workout At Home During Lockdown and Beyond

How To Get a Full-Body Workout At Home During Lockdown and Beyond

No doubt, everyone is so busy in their small little world, and people even hardly get time for themselves because of their tiring jobs and hectic schedules.

In the meantime, while managing all such things, people often forget about their health. They do not get time to focus on their fitness, which results in skipping the gym due to lack of time or preferences maybe. And it ultimately affects their wellness on many levels. 

Well, keeping your body in shape is not an easy task. It requires proper training, full-body workout, and regular exercise to remain fit. However, times have changed, and people are opting for smart choices.

For those who cannot hit the gym due to their packed schedules can do the workout at home as well, and it doesn’t require any expensive equipment either.

Also, you will need to set your aim to work on your legs, chest, arms, and shoulders all at once to strengthen your muscles. Initially, you may do the workout for about at least 10 mins and then gradually increase the duration and intensity.

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Well, talking about the complete body workouts at home, one can do it even without weights and a little motivation.

Similarly, the burning of calories and muscle toning can occur concurrently by exercise climbers, which is available online at affordable rates for a perfect full-body workout without any hurdles.

For those who are still in confusion and do not know how to make the home workout possible, read this article to know all about it. Here we are going to share a few ways that will help you to keep your body in shape, merely working out at home. 


Like we discussed earlier, it is not a walk in the park to remain fit and active these days. It requires a lot of psychological and physical efforts to push yourself to the extreme limit to make it happen.

It doesn’t matter whether it is hot or cold outside, or you cannot make up to the gym due to any reason. Several ways will help you in doing the full-body workout in the comfort of your home without going outdoors.

Opt for the high-level training program that will target various muscles. Meanwhile, make sure to perform these exercises in a circuit form and take a break after each set. Let’s discuss this in detail to clear all kinds of queries.


Tips for working out at home during lockdown

No matter if you are going to start working out as a beginner or a professional, make sure to split your workout and for those preparing for the first time need to understand to stop forcing yourself. It always takes time to make a habit of something. Dedicate your time to the whole body workout by kicking off with the metabolism to have lean muscles. In the same manner, once you get used to it, move onto the next challenging exercises. 


Once you divide your workout routines at home in different weeks, now it is time to decide which exercise you should start first. Instead of jumping on to the toughest one, it is better to go with a warm-up.

It will help you in boosting yourself and avoiding injuries while trying complex postures. Similarly, start gently and work on your hips and hamstrings and then move towards the squats for 30 seconds for knees and hips.

Tips for working out at home during lockdown

Ensure to remain in the position to maintain balance and increase flexibility. It will help you in moving the muscles comfortably with no such efforts.


Not a single working is complete without a chest press, as it will not work for your chest muscles only, but also put pressure on your shoulders and triceps for a compound move. Such kind of workout does not need any specific upright bike or cardio machine. All you need is some floor space with a bench on it and dumbbells. That kind of exercise can do by lying down on the bench and hold the dumbbells up over your chest. Lower it to the elbows at the angle of 90 and press the weights back up. Repeat this process for about 20 minutes minimum.


When we talk about the full body work out at home, we mean it. It won’t be fair until you do not pay some effort to your shoulders. Take an exercise mat along with some dumbbells. Then move them in a way that it will target the deltoid muscles of mid and front both. It will be beneficial for the overall movement of your shoulders.


Without working on the triceps, one cannot do the total body workout. Triceps are the areas that lie at the back of your arms and consist of two-thirds of the size. One can make them strong enough by moving one hand at a time or both together. While doing so, make sure to bend your knees and brace the abs that will provide support to the back. It is way easy to perform such type of exercise at home with no technical equipment.


Tips for working out at home during lockdown

The squats, in a warm-up exercise along with other steps, can consider, but that is not mandatory. It can perform alone as it serves various benefits, especially to leg muscles like the quadriceps, calves, and hamstrings. O

ne should perform the squats daily to activate the glutes and back muscles. There are various kinds of squats like jump, goblet, or pistol squats, etc. It is one of the most favorite exercises for those who want to remain fit and active at a later age.


Everyone is aware of the fact that full-body workouts have so many health benefits. But it is not easy to hit the gyms when you barely get time for your friends and family. So, to subside this issue, ponder the above-described ways to do a total body workout at home as per your feasibility.

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