How to Choose the Right Pearl

How to Choose the Right Pearl

It goes without saying that pearls are beautiful, but they are also among the least understood gems in the world of jewelry.

The reason why we say this is because identifying a fine pearl can be difficult for some highly professional jewelers, this is because figuring out its type, value and grading scale is not easy as compared to other gemstones.

For a layman, this can be an even more difficult job, which is why before buying pearl jewelry there are many questions one has to deal with. It’s always recommended to buy things like diamond earrings after you have filled all your knowledge gaps. P

earls are expensive, and it is fair to have questions before spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a necklace. A little bit of knowledge and research can help you a lot in choosing the right pearls.

In this article, we have jotted down some points which may help you decide which pearl is right, based on their style, size, color and quality. 

Choose the Right Pearl Type

There are four main types of pearls; Japanese Akoya Pearls, Chinese Freshwater Pearls, Tahitian Pearls from French Polynesia, and White or Golden South Sea Pearls from Australia and the Philippine Islands.

The most common question people have is, what are the best pearls? The answer can vary has each of the pearl’s type has its own exclusive and rare beauty, quality, color, size, and price. 

Akoya pearls: These are the classic white pearls, with a perfect round shape. They have bright and distinguished luster with overtones of silver, rose, and cream.

If you are inspired by the ‘Mikimoto’ style of jewelry then Akoya pearls are what you need. These pearls are perfect for a special or high-end occasion as they are purely classic.

Freshwater pearls:  These pearls come with the widest range of natural colors, from white to pink and lavender, you can find many more color options in this type.

Freshwater pearls are more common as everyday jewelry gemstones, this is because they can be handled roughly and are quite durable. This is the kind of pearl that you can wear on daily basis without keeping it restricted for special events. They have a slightly off-round shape and a soft glow, but they give a beautiful impression of fine white pearls. 

Tahitian Pearls: These pearls are the only ones which can achieve a natural black body color. If you like to have exotic and elegant jewelry, then these pearls are what you should be putting your hand on.

These are unique luxury pearls which make for a beautiful piece of jewelry. They are available in colors ranging from dark greens to light silver, you can also find them in different colors of rainbow. 

White or Golden South Sea Pearls: South Sea pearls are considered as one of the most valuable and rare pearls. The White South Sea pearls are known as the ‘Queen of Pearls,’ and are considered to be luxurious.

They are only available in natural colors and in big sizes. Golden South Sea pearls are called the ‘Rolls Royce of Pearls,’ the name itself speaks for how valuable these pearls are. They come in natural shades of golden and have a deep lustrous glow.

Choose the Perfect Pearl Size

When it comes to choosing the right pearl, size plays a very important role. The most popular pearl sizes vary between 7.0 mm to 9.5 mm, anything between these sizes is considered to be traditional and functional. It is said that the older the woman, the bigger the size of her pearls should be.

Anything of 7 mm or larger should be worn by older women, whereas young girls should go for smaller sizes. Pearls of bigger size are known to have more value than smaller ones.

Understand the Value Factors

When it comes to choosing the right pearl, there are some value factors that one should keep in mind. The most important ones are:

Pearl Shapes: The biggest value factor is the shape of the pearl. The most expensive ones are the round shaped pearls as they are considered to be royal and classic. But, many people prefer the unique baroque or off-round shaped pearls. 

Pearl Surface: The second important value factor is the surface of the pearl. Before you make your purchase, make sure to check the surface of the gemstones.

The cleaner the surface, the better it is. You should know that pearls are natural gemstones, so you can never expect them to be completely perfect, but as long as the issue is minor and not noticeable, it is completely fine. 

Pearl Luster: Pearl luster is what makes the gemstone stand out. Luster goes side by side with the surface, so a pearl with a poor surface will have a low quality luster.

What jewelers look for in pearls is high luster, and a pearl with this quality will be mirror-like in appearance. When looking for the right pearl, make sure you check its luster. 

Set a Budget

Before making a purchase, it is very important that one sets a budget. No matter if you are buying basic grocery or a luxury car, setting a budget is crucial.

When it comes to buying fine pearls, you cannot keep anything below $100 in mind , and this we are talking about the small sized Akoya pearls. The better the type, the bigger the size, the more budget you will have to keep.

Similar to diamonds, each pearl type has their own pricing tiers, the price range increases with every millimeter, you can expect an increase of 30 to 50% as the size goes up. A 7.0 mm Akoya pearl and a 9.0 mm ahoy pearl will have a large difference in money.

Pricing also depends on other factors like quality and the rarity of the gemstone. If you do your research before going to the shop, it will help you a lot in setting a budget. 

Pearl jewelry makes women look classy and elegant. It adds elegance to their personalities, which is why pearls are popular. Not many people own pearls because they are expensive.

You wouldn’t want to buy pearl jewelry without knowing its details, so consider some points we have mentioned above when you decide to buy pearls.

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